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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Nashville Star: Week 2 - First up . . . Laura and Sophie

We start this week's episode of Nashville Star by learning that John Rich has been paired up with the girls, Jewel has been paired up with the guys, and, much to his country lovin chagrin, Jeffrey Steele has been paired up with the groups. They show all the hugs and the initial reactions and we are ready to go . . .

Now, all the groups are on stage with their mentors. Might I just say, that Jewel looks hot. Loving the dress . . . but I digress . . .

It would appear that they are going to find people safe . . . one at a time from each group . . . and then have them perform. When we are down to two . . . they will both perform, and one will be eliminated.

First to be safe this week . . . From Jeffrey Steele's group, Laura and Sophie. I must watch these two girls very closely as my dislike for their PERFORMANCE last week did not ring popular amongst the masses. I say PERFORMANCE because I think these two girls are very sweet . . . just wasn't thrilled with the duet from last week.

Here we go . . . Ok . . . they are trying to incorporate some of the suggestions given to them last week . . . But, I'm spending a second week on the island of unpopular opinion . . . I still don't quite get it. FOR ME, their harmonies just don't quite gel . . . and, they just don't seem very comfortable on stage. There's no denying that these girls have good voices . . . just not wowing ME as yet.

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