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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hey There The Hotness

The Hotness is up next and is singing Hey There Delilah. First of all, why this song. Whiney, emo music is not gonna translate well here . . . and, it doesn't. Jewel is right, here. She said that there was pain in these words and he needed to find a weigh to - Not sure about the performance . . . . song not supposed to be sung at this fast a pace . . . Jeffery and John really don’t like him, and John Rich says he shouldn’t be on the show . . . BTW, aren’t the judges responsible for who is on the show? Hmmm . . . just a thought . . . Anyhoo, Jewel thinks he was shaky at the beginning and nailed it at the end. Thinks that he can sing, but needs to get more control.

Side note: Should tonights episode be titled Nashville Star: The Pimping of Jewel . . . just a thought

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