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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lauren and Sophie Are More Than Pretty Young Things

Lauren and Sophie – “PYT” – Once again, I want these two girls to win me over. First off, I’m confused – this has nothing to do with the girls – in all of the other clips we have seen, the performer comes in with what they want to sing . . . however, in this clip they are showing Jeff pitch an idea and an arrangement to the girls. The reason I am pointing this out is that if they are not the only group/performer who is getting this much assistance from the judges, then they are being unfairly portrayed by the editing department. Anyway, on to the performance . . . Ok, adult sized, matching, JonBenet Ramsey dresses aside, the performance was pretty, darn good. I’m not gonna lie, these girls are still not my favorite performers, BUT, for me, by far their best performance. Their harmonies on the chorus’ were tight and they looked at the audience MUCH more than their prior two performances. More impressed this week . . . good job, girls.

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