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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Nashville Star: Week 3 . . . Who's Up First?

It's another week of Nashville Star, y'all! We are down to the Top 10 contestants, and this week's theme is "Pop goes country". Billy Ray says, "Ten have arrived, but only nine will survive!" . . . I needed to credit BRC with that line . . . Here we go . . .

First up, we're gonna find out a little important info . . . They're gonna pull out two contestants . . . one is in the top 2 vote getters, and one is in the bottom two - and could be going home tonight. Billy Ray tells Tommy Stanley and Gabe Garcia to step out . . . I think this one is pretty obvious . . . and, yes, Gabe Garcia is in our Top 2 and will be performing first. . . leaving Tommy to wait until the end.

Gabe Garcia – "Livin La Vida Loca" – I’m a little worried about this frontrunner this week. I think he is the most genuinely country performer of the bunch, but I’m not sure about this song choice. . . . And, we have back up dancers . . . er, um . . . not sure . . . yeah, I am. I heart G2 , but I’m just not feelin his rendition of the ultimate bon bon shaker. I fear for Gabe with going first and this horrendous performance. This week will test just how much of a frontrunner Mr. Garcia actually is.

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