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Monday, June 9, 2008

Shaun Mayer and Third Town Try Not to Develop an Achy Breaky Heart

Next up is Shaun Mayer from some place in Iowa with population 45. From the auditions, this girl looks like she could win. Let’s see what she’s singin . . . doin a country version of “Piece of My Heart” by Janice Joplin. Rut ro, yo . . . she is a wee bit nervous and singing straight through her nose. . . . and a strange arrangement. Not really sure I got this one . . . very nervous feelings seem to cause her to sing Janice Joplin in a chipmunk kind of way . . . She could be in trouble . . . and the judges think so as well.

Trio, Third Town is up next . . . they have a cute little gothy country boy in their group which makes me HEART them prior to hearing them sing . . . singing “Elvira” by Alabama. I kind of love this song. . . reminds me of being a kid. Very good harmony . . . a wee better than the girls who went first. Very, very good song choice and very very good performance. The judges are not with me here . . . they want them to pick a lead singer and a sound . . .

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L&K said...

J - "Elvira" is an Oak Ridge Boys song :) Welcome to my trailer...with all my country records :) LOL!