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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Top 9 Rankings: The Good, The Mediocre, and The Vortex of Suck

Alright, here we go. I'm gonna give you my take on the rankings from last night's Nashville Star La Familia Extravaganza. We saw some REALLY REALLY GOOD . . . some fairly middle of the road . . . and some REALLY REALLY BAD!

Here come the rankings:

1. Melissa Lawson - Far and away the best of the night.

(Big Space)

I believe that numbers 2 and 3 are interchangeable . . .

2. Pearl Heart - There harmonies were tight, and man did they sound good acapella

3. Gabe Garcia - Gabe is back! Excellent rendition of Bon Jovi!

(Huge Space)

4. Shaun Mayer - Did Faith Hill proud with her rendition of "Breathe"

5. Ashlee Hewitt - She wins points for multiple instrumentation, but her vocals are still a little weak for me.

6. Tommy Stanley - Man, I'm torn here. The boy was out of pitch a lot, but he's got such a rich tone. I hope he continues to improve. The pimpage will keep him around for next week.


7. Laura and Sophie - Man, after a stellar week last week, they just weren't up to the task of taking on Katrina and the Waves. They sounded good individually, but the harmonies and the performance were just off . . .

8. Coffey - THREE WEEKS IN A ROW! His vocals were better this week, but he still needs to get his Belinda Carlisleitis under control. Also, perhaps downing several Red Bull's prior to performance time could increase his energy level.

Alyson Stewart was eliminated this week. However, if she had stuck around I would have ranked her 6th. Thought she was at the bottom of the mediocre group, but her performance did not rate nearly as high on the suckage scale as my bottom 2.

Alright, what do y'all think?! Somebody let me know.

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