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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Nobody mentioned my pre-show ritual..which involves vodka!

crystal - CCR song - Loved it! very soulful rendition of this song - felt like we were watching a Crystal concert. would download that song tonight!

haeley - Miley Cyrus song - seems like it was flat to me in parts throughout - especially at the end. She is just too young or something - she is just singing words and nothing behind it. Being OMG 16 has its downfalls, I guess!

lacy - song: Kiss Me. K wasn't sure that this was the right song for her, but better than Landslide last week. He is developing a theory that you can tell when it is not going to go too well based on how they perch on the edge of the stage - kind of scared to perform.

katie - good song choice - fun, and certainly more youthful! But this song seems to sound a lot like the original no matter who performs it, to me.

didi - Bill Withers - kind of shrill -I am not sure I like the tone of her voice on this song. "Didi - she's a fragile flower" - K said condescendingly...

michelle- creed song - liked the first part of it, such an interesting choice - then it derailed and went way pitchy and off key..

lily scott - sam cooke song - hmmm - interesting take on the song! I think it must have sounded better in the room cause I'm not just jumping up and down though.

katelyn - LOVED it!!! thought it was beautiful

paige - hard to take on Ms. Kelly - and sadly, it just didnt' work. again, not really connecting with the lyrics and tone of the song.

siobhan - Great! Loved her energy and enthusiasm for the song and performing - she is infectious!









Going Home:

Haeley and Lacey


J said...

Dr L/K, I think our different takes on Sibohan are so interesting. I was so put off by what I heard as shrill that by the time she got to that big note, I was kind of done . . . interesting . . . I agree with K that Didi is a fragile flower . . . I hope Lacey goes home, but I kind of wonder if Michelle got lost in the pack.

DrL/K said...

Good point about Michelle...we had some debate about that here too. It has to be so hard in these early stages to create a persona for yourself - if you aren't a ready-made Idol personality (Bowersox, or Big Mike). It will be interesting to see how it all goes down tonight!

I will re-watch Sibohan again - I may have been quick to praise and just got caught up on that big note :)