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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Billboard Top hits? Maybe 1 or 2

First up - Lee. The first three judges loved it. Simon said it was not "recordable". I agree 100% with Simon. I hate the arrangement. His voice sounded good and he looked better on stage that ever before...but the song would never sell on the charts today..and isn't that the point of Billboard #1's week?

Paige - Ok...I'm biased because I can't stand Phil Collins, but this is one of his better songs. She sounds horrendous at the beginning. Her lower register is horrible. Once it gets to the higher register she is much better...but this is a complete and utter train wreck. I think Paige is going home after this mess.
This was one of the worst performances on Idol ever.

Tim Urban - Crazy little thing called love. He looks HOT. He doesn't have the best voice in the competition, but his performance was fun without being cheesy (take note big Mike)....What is up with the judges...I disagree 100% with them. Kara's criticism was particularly off base, she said, "don't act like you've made it"...yet Idols have done that for years and NEVER been criticized for it. Boo....judges Boo.

Aaron - Has Laryngitis and tonsilitis...He looks incredibly cute. Very charming with his "crush" on Miley. He's got a really good voice, what he is lacking is the stage presence. I mean...David Archuletta was young, but he commanded the stage. Aaron doesn't have that. But he was good. Best of the night so far.

Crystal - Of course she is doing Janis...and she is doing probably one of my favorite songs of all time. So far...I'm not feeling it. I like Crystal, but all this performance showed me is that she is no Janis. Maybe not a far comparison, but when you take on a legend and you don't live up to it, it is going to pale in comparison. The crowd loved it...what about the judges? They loved it to. I'm in the minority here.

Big Mike - When a man loves a woman. First of all, his cocky attitude has got to go. the best thing that could happen to him would be or him to be in the bottom 3. That would knock him for a loop and he might actually become decent to watch. He's got a great voice, but is performance takes away from it. Now Kara SHOULD give him the criticism that she gave Tim. Somehow I doubt that she will. At least she did say "overindulgent".

Andrew - Heard it through the grapevine. Ok...I am going to say it. This guy cannot really sing. He can sing a couple songs, and that has gotten him throgh. But he has no range snd this performance, he was talking it more than he was singing it. This one ranks up there with Paige for me. He's got a great attitude. Kara was right on "He's chasing the moment". Did Simon really say he "sucked"? Yes..."....the soul out of the song".....

Katie -Pitchy....She's flat in the beginning. She's still flat. Ew....this is another bad bad performance. Ranks up there with Page and Andrew.
Is Ellen on crack? Her best performance so far?

Casey - Power of Love - He's such a fan....of Mylie's Dad....
Best overall package of the night. Voice is good and he has stage presence.

Didi - Decent peformance. I wasn't leaping to my feet. I like her voice, but there wasn't much here to showcase it.

Siobhan - It was ok...but again. Nothing great and just more of the same she hasdone before.


Big Mike

Casey, Aaron and Crystal were far and away the best 3 of the night
The worst 3 were obvious....Katie, Paige and Andrew

Who should go home - Paige
Who will go home - Andrew

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