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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Somebody to Love I'm still suffering a little jet lag and fell asleep half way through the show last night. I was able to watch the performances on line this blog will seem a bit jointed.

First up Lee Dewyze - Looks very comfortable with the guitar. Performance is better than the voice. Voice 6, Performance 8. Good way to start it off

Alex Lambert - I didn't like this guy at first...but he is growing on me. Not an outstandig performance,but solid. Voice 7, Performance 7.

Tim Urban - Hallelujia -He's gonna have to be great to overcome Jason Castro on this one. He's pretty good. Didn't have a Jason Castro moment but for one of the first times, I can see this guy has a really good voice. Voice 7, Performance 6.

Andrew Garcia - "Genie in a bottle" - He seems happy and comfortable. This isn't anywhere in the same league as "straight up". I think this may have been a bad choice of song for him. Voice 6,Performance 7.

Toddrick - Somebody to Love. I have to VEHEMENTLY disagree with J on this one. Why you such the hater J? I thought this performance was awesome...and I love love LOVE Toddrick. I'm afraid though that he may not last though. Voice 9, Performance 10.

Big Mike - Didn't love it. Don't know what the judges see in him. His performances was silly and cheesy. Voice was very good though. Voice 9, Performance 5.

Aaron - Not good. Voice was all over the place. Performance very amatuerish. But I'm afraid he is going to stick around as this years Chicken Little. Voice 6, Performance 4.

Casey - My Boy....good vocals, but the performance was a little flat. Didn't love the song. Voice 8, Performance 6.

Who SHOULD go home based on last night: Aaron and Andrew
Who SHOULD go home based overall: Aaron and Tim

Who WILL go home: This is really difficult. I know they keep saying its a girls year, but the guys are head and shoulders better than the girls yet again this year. Pretty much most of the guys are good.

Definite Safes: Casey, Big Mike
Probably Safe: Andrew (people seem to like him and the "straight up" moment is still giving him momentum, Aaron (he's young and appeals to the shows youngest fans),
Borderlines: Lee, Toddrick, Alex, Tim
I am sadly going to say Toddrick goes home - he definitely shouldn't, but factoring in all of the criteria, I think he just doesn't have the foundation.
I think Tim is safe based on looks and last nights performance.
So it comes down to Lee and Alex and I just don't know how strong their bases are. I'm going to go with Alex. So with Toddrick and Alex leaving...its going to be a sad night for me because honestly I don't think either one of them should.


J said...

Good call! I'm sad you were right about Alex, but good call . . .

DrL/K said...

Way to go Rubbertoe! Well thought analysis on the guys who should go home :)

and yes, so sad about Alex - it shouldn't have been him!