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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

As Long As I Can See the Light, I Will Not Have to "Think"

The girls are up tonight, and Ms. Crystal is better . . . Let's hope they bring it the same way the boys did last night . . .

They are really pushing the Kara/Simon connection in a half-baked attempt to get us to forget the Paula/Simon connection. I like Kara better, but still miss Paula.

Here we go!

1. Crytal Bowersox is up first - She's singing CCL's "As Long As I Can See the Light" . . . I have high hopes for her . . . this girl is a darkhorse . . . This girl is good . . . just flat out good . . . she's got the voice and the stage presence . . . and the Jewel like gap in her teeth . . . I. LOVE. HER. I see the ligt, Ms. Crystal. Randy thinks she is the truth and she "do what she do". Ellen thinks she is pure, raw, natural talent. Kara thinks this is who she is. Simon compared her to Ms. Kelly Clarkson.

2. Haley Vaughn - She's gonna sing a little Miley Cyrus, "The Climb". It's a big song, and I hope that her type of voice can handle it . . . A little iffy to begin, but she's changing the song up a wee bit . . . a little pitchy at times . . . I'm glad she moved away from the mic stand . . . Overall, there were some really good parts and some really iffy parts . . . I'm a touch worried for Ms. Vaughn. Randy thought it was excruciating. Ellen, AKA "E", didn't think she connected to the song. Kara thinks she has the Alex Lambert rootability factor, but doesn't think she's ready. Simon thought it was a complete and utter mess... good idea in theory, but not in reality.

3. Lacey Brown, who I thought should have gone home last week, is up next . . . Lacey likes to shop for and refurbish antiques . . . which means that she is a stereotypical gay man's best friend :) . . . She is taking Kara's advice and doing "Kiss Me" by Sixpence None The Richer . . . a bit karaoke, but 100 percent better than last week. Her vocals are mostly on key, but she's doing the EXACT same version as the original. However, she was better than Haley. Randy felt like she was . . . karaoke. Ellen thought it was adorable. Kara thinks she regained what is special about the tone of her voice, but needs to step it up. Simon thought it was marginally better than last week . . . but thinks she is taking part in a competition rather than showing who she is as an artist . . . Agreed.

4. Katie Stevens - The judges loves them some Katie Stevens . . . she was in the pimp spot last week . . . let's see how she does this week with "Put Your Records On" by Corrine Rae Bailey (I think, yikes) . . . Her voice sounds really good, but she needs to keep the mic up to her mouth cuz she fades sometimes . . . also, though I love this song, it's a little boring . . . maybe it's a lack of connection . . . nevertheless, she is far and away better than Lacey or Haley . . . Randy thought there were SOME bright spots, but wants her to take some melodic risks. Ellen thinks she has a great voice, but still wants her to be younger. Kara is frustrated with Katie. Simon is also frustrated, and thinks she doesn't know what kind of recording artist she wants to be.

Did Ryan just say "more younger" . . . like fingernails down a chalkboard . . . Ughs

5. Didi, AKA this season's Brooke White, Benami - singing Bill Withers' "Lean on Me" . . . Does anyone else think she looks like Faith Hill? I'm really diggin her version of this song . . . I was not really understanding Rubbertoe's prediction of this girl to win . . . and I'm still not on board . . . but, I'm pickin up a little more of what he's layin down . . . I LOVED IT. Randy didn't like the song. Ellen loves her voice, but didn't like the song. Kara thought it wasn't good. Simon thought it was a bad choice of song and screeching. Wow, I'm not really this much in disagreement with the judges . . . I really, really liked it.

6. Michelle Delamor - She's takin on Creed's "With Arms Wide Open" . . . this should be an interesting risk . . . This is the wrong song for her . . . even though she's kind of changing it up . . . not a good choice . . . she is reigning in her inner diva, and that choice is not doing her any favors . . . kind of yucky and icky . . . yiksies . . . Randy thinks she looks "dope", but that she didn't do enough with the song. Ellen thinks she did a lot with the song, but it was pitchy. Kara thought it was her favorite performance of hers ever. Simon thought the first half was better than the second half, but agrees with Kara. . . I think they are pimping her . . . I like Michelle, but I thought Didi was better . . . it's lonely out here on the island of unpopular opinion.

7. Lilly Scott - She's gonna try to open up her eyes . . . while she's singin "A Change is Gonna Come" by Sam Cooke . . . She's got a unique voice, and I like it . . . I think she was a wee bit over the top at times, but I like her . . . unfortunately for her, there are several contestants that have this indie artist vibe, and I think she could get lost. Randy thought it was his favorite for the night. Ellen thinks she has "it". Kara thinks she had her first moment for the competition. Simon thinks she is relevant, but wasn't crazy about it. I agree with Simon, she was great, but I think Crystal was better.

8. Katelyn Epperly - She's singing "The Scientist" by Coldplay . . . I believe her when she sings . . . I think this was a wise choice of song . . . the piano was great, and her vocals were heartfelt . . . I loved it. Really, really, loved it. Randy really liked it. Ellen liked that she was playing guitar, er, um, piano, but fell asleep. Kara kind of loves her. Simon thought it was a smart choice of song.

9. Paige Miles - She likes to color . . . really . . . She's treading on sacred ground . . . Kelly Clarkson's "Walk Away" . . . The judges are gonna complain that she copied the original . . . she sounds good, but not as good as my Kelly . . . She was really good. The girl's got some pipes. Randy liked it. Ellen disagrees with Randy and thought it was fantastic. Kara thinks she conveyed the wrong emotion with the performance. Simon thinks two weeks in a row she has failed to pick the right song.

10. Siobhan Magnus - She's singing "Think" by Aretha Franklin . . . she better bring it . . . Oooooh, off key note makes me shutter . . . She DOES NOT have the voice or the soul to pull this song off . . . I think this girl has a good voice, but not for this type of song . . . this is almost painful . . . yikes . . . and ugh . . . Randy loved it and thought it was dope. Ellen loved it too. Kara thought the note at the end was amazing. Simon thinks she is strange and means it in a good way. Again, I'm off with the judges, and wonder if they will like it as much when they re-watch it.

Here are my rankings.
(Huge space)
(Huge Space)

My predictions for going home . . . Haley and Michelle . . . I want to predict Lacey, but I kind of think she's found a beat with the audience . . . for this week.

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DrL/K said...

You called it J Boi!!! Awesome, we had a hard time deciding on the girls. U rock :)