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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Earth did not move tonight...and I'm glad cause we are in CA!

Katie - Breakaway.. mostly off key! I know our Ms. Kelly is cringing somewhere! poor song choice - poor arrangement - too much verse @ bottom of her register and not enough chorus in her range (per K)

Siobhan - House of the Rising Sun - WOW! what a performance here - great tone to her voice, and it just seems effortless - loved the arrangement. LOVES it!!
K says ' a little reverse psychology from Simon on this one'!

Idol seems to be playing a game with us this season - either the #1 spot is the 'under the bus' OR it fakes you out and the #2 spot becomes the kiss of death spot each week. I think katie is in trouble...

Lacey - Didn't know the song - but loved it! perfect song for her voice, BEST performance yet for Lacey - more memorable than most. Seemed simple and understated - lovely :)

A big shoutout to the makeup artist(s) on the show - spot on so far tonight - great HD makeup!!

Katelynn - I Feel the Earth Move - It was sort of whatev.. - the piano playing was kind of distracting tonight. Sort of flat. The earth did not move....

DiDi - kind of new and fresh interpretation of Rhiannon - a song I love! Smart move to bring the guitar back, and to reconnect with us. Liked the folksy sound of it.

Uhh what was that!... K says Idol production value sucks! what is up with the cameramen in the shot - hello???

Paige - Smile - Voice seemed really shaky - nerves?? And the end of the song was weird and off key. Just not really seems clear now who the bottom three are going to be (for me)

Crystal - Gimme One Reason - Fun, rockin' vibe - great performance! also an effortless. and self-assured. loved the electric guitar :)

Lilly - I Fall to Pieces...yikes! I realize I probably have gone to J's Island of Unpopular Opinion on this one. Didn't do it for me, not getting the connection with the lyrics and her performance. Warbly... K wishes if he could call this an 'anti-wildcard' - he would boot Lilly so he would not have to listen to her again.



We have Paige at the bottom and deserves to go home based on performance - but just don't think she is headed home yet....
thinking we will say goodbye to Katie and Katelynn this week.

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