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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

American Idol: LA Ink -Lite

Hey y'all! Okay so does anyone think there is a whole lotta ink going on this season?!

mike lynche - a man's world. Great performance tonight - much better this week! excllent song choice.

john park - john mayer song. gravity: much better this week - picked a song more in his range? more emotional performance- a stretch for him, seems like he took the coach's words to heart.

casey james - gavin degraw - hmm, can he be better than Bo Bice? looks good and sounds pretty good, I am thinking it is not as energetic as it could be. Ellen said it was stiff- that seems right. J - can I request a blast from the past video of Bo doing this song?!

alex lambert - john legend - i really loved this! he's just a lil' underdog! he seemed to find his comfort zone a bit - i hope this will boost his confidence!! Nice take on this song :) K - says like an older Justin Beiber -with a better voice. Somebody please help him with his hairdo...

todrick hall - tina turner, is it pitchy? or maybe the key isn't right for him? in the first part of the song - the second half a bit better. I did kinda like the arrangement! umm, did Simon call him 'Tundrick'?

jermaine sellers - rockin' the onesie! I can't believe he went there...scary! marvin gaye - definitely pitchy in spots, kind of show-boating - and K and I are pretty sure he doesn't know what this song is about.....

andrew garcia - james morrison - special blue lighting! I am not sure what is going on with this song - I guess I don't know the song, but it seems awkward to me. A bit flat, maybe? K liked it - not a star performance, but he likes it better than last week.

aaron kelley - OMG 16! Singing My Girl - I wish Idol would ban this song....I know it is easy for them to sing, but ughh for me. He sounds good - although kinda wonky on that last note. Idol seems to be working on his personal style, brows and hair.

tim urban - maybe God will pull him through - or he can wear a tighter shirt for more votes. I didn't catch the artist or song - better than last week, but still not really buying into him that much. Very encouraging words from Simon! Must be impressed with the work he did this week.

lee dewyze - pimp spot! Pimp starlight! he was rockin' it for what it was, pitchy here and there - kind of Daughtry-esque? Or maybe there's a lot of guys on the radio that have that kind of sound...I am guessing quite marketable!

Ranking this week:

Big Mike
Lee Dewyze

Alex Lambert

Casey James
Tim Urban
Aaron Kelley

Andrew G.

John Park


So do we think any of the tattoos will go home this week? K Does!

L: John Park and Jermaine Sellers

K: John Park and Jermaine Sellers


J said...

It appears that we are back in a groove with each other as our rankings and picks are pretty much identical. Btw, we have not discussed the wonderfulness that was Kris Allen's rendition of "Let it Be" on last week's results show. . . OMG. Loves it!

DrL/K said...

Yes! Kris Allen blew those new contenders off the stage! We loved it.
Sadly, not so much for the talented & magenta-haired Alison, who was the victim of a fugtacular song. Ugh! Who writes these post-Idol songs? Maybe this is why Kelly is always battling with producers...