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Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Results: Who's Going to be Our Top 12 and What the Hell is Going On?

DRAMA: A COVETED SPOT AT STAKE! The dramz cracks me up.... :)

I will be the happiest gay boy in the world if I am wrong and Todrick goes home . . . just sayin.

Seriously, a duet from Matt Giraud and Scott McIntyre?

Somewhere, Michael Buble is throwing his old school microphone out a stained glass window.

We just found out that the Top 12's first theme is the songs of the Rolling Stones . . . could be interesting.

Results! Let's start with the ladies . . . Didi Benami is up first and is the first into the Top 12! Yay Didi!

Siobhan Magnus is up next and she is the second girl into the Top 12!

Paige and Katelyn are up together. . . one is in and one is out. I picked both to go . . . so . . . Paige has made it into the Top 12 and Kately Epperly is gone! I think Katelyn, like I think Andrew Garcia will, got lost in the shuffle.

Let's go to the guys . . . Tim, Todrick, Lee, and Casey are all called down to the stage. Oh Sweet Baby Jesus please let Todrick be going home. Casey, My Baby, James is into the Top 12! Tim Urban is also into the Top 12! Lee and Todrick are left . . . one of them is safe and one goes home . . . YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Lee is safe and Todrick has been VOTED OFF THE DAMN ISLAND! HOLLA!

Here comes the odd duo of Matt Giraud and Scott McIntyre . . . not so sure . . . Hey Matt, I don't really think a curly faux hawk is a good look for you. Is this painful to anyone else? The pianos were great, and I'm going to leave the rest of it alone.

And we're back . . . 8 faces and 6 places . . .

Ms. Crystal Bowersox is next and she is the next into the Top 12!

Michael Lynche is up and goes center stage and is the next into the Top 12!

Lacey Brown is up next and has found a way to sneak into the Top 12!

Aaron Kelley is up next and looks scared as all get out . . . he has made it into the Top 12 . . . and God knows ow after that shit he sang last night . . .

Andrew Garcia and Alex Lambert are center stage . . . and Andrew Garcia moves into the Top 12 . . . I am stunned . . . I believe America made a mistake with this one . . . seriously made a mistake. Seriously, America . . . you got it wrong. It's not so much that I think Andrew should have gone home as I can't freakin believe you sent Aaron through and left Alex behind. Ugh.

Katie and Lily are left . . . seriously, if they send Lily home . . . I have a bad feeling about this one . . . I knew it. Katie goes through and Lily goes home. I am once again stunned.

What the fuck, America?

Here's hoping the voting public gets it together . . .

An aside, has anyone else noticed that Ryan hasn't once told us how many people are voting? I wonder if they are getting a lot fewer votes this year.

Catch ya next week . . .

1 comment:

Rubbertoe said...

J....why the hate on Toddrick? JK.....though I do disagree.

I agree with Alex 100%. I didn't like him at first but he grew on me and I felt REALLY bad for him. It brought tears to my eyes last night.

Lily - Eh.....I wasn't a fan, but she shouldn't have gone. She was kinda weird though and her attitude after getting voted off left me with no sympathy for her at all, it was almost as if she thought she was really going to not only be in the top 12, but win.

BTW....I kinda liked the Duet. Though Matt is 1000% better than Scott and last night clearly showed that.