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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Top 10: On the Midnight Train to Treatin Her Like A Lady!

The Top 10 take on the world of R&B with the help of Usher . . . who's got the voice make ya booty go SMACK.

THIS is AMERican Idol!

And for the third week in a row, Katie Stevens is front and center . . .

Did La Seacrest just say Usher had "swagger"?

1. Siobhan Magnus - She's "wicked nervous" . . . She's singing Chaka Kahn's "Through the Fire" . . . which has a big screeching note at the end. Please, girl . . . Please . . . don't do it. Her low register is good, but her upper register is pitchy. This is not her strongest performance . . . a little all over the place. Nice ending note, but pretty mediocre from my perspective. Randy thought it was pitchy, but loves her. Ellen agrees with Randy. Kara also agrees and thinks she got a little nervous. Simon thinks it sounded like she had run a marathon and she was out of breath. . . and thank you for saying that he's getting bored with the screaming at the end.

2. Casey "My Baby" James - Singing "Hold On I'm Comin" . . . never been performed on the Idol stage . . . Just Casey doin his thing . . . the one difference is that this song had a little more range, and he handled it nicely . . . Nicely done, sweet baby. Randy thinks it was another hot night for him. Ellen loved the vocals, but thinks it was a little generic. Kara thinks he has more range than he is showing. Simon thinks it was his strongest performance.

3. Big Mike - Stop with the weird movements. . . He's singing "Ready for Love" . . . he's bringin back the guitar . . . This is a much more subtle performance, and I am a big fan. I am believing him tonight. His voice has a lovely tone, and he's not all over the place. Very, very nice indeed. Randy liked the guitar, and thinks he is in the zone. Ellen thought it was beautiful. Kara had never heard the song, but thinks he did a beautiful job. Simon thinks this is the first time since the live shows that e can take him seriously as an artist.

4. Didi Benami - She's singing "What becomes of the broken hearted" . . . She got a little emotional during her Usher session . . . She looks stunning . . . A few little pitchy problems, but overall she sounds good. The second half of the song soared . . . the second half of the song was flat out wonderful. Randy thought the performance was flat. Ellen thought it was dramatic, and not her best performance. Kara thought it was overdone, and thinks she lost her way. Simon thought it was old-fashioned and over the top. They don't like Didi . . . I'm not sure why. I thought it was kind of lovely.

5. Tim Urban - I'm sorry . . . did they just say that Mr. Urban is taking on Anita Baker? Tim looks gooooooooooooooood tonight . . . if only is voice matched his looks. He's singing "Sweet Love" . . . He's hitting all the right notes, but I don't believe that he's ever been in love. Nice vocal . . . just don't believe him. Randy thought it was mostly in tune, but had no swag. Ellen doesn't know why he chose the song. Kara thought it was a mixture of Broadway and Vegas. Simon thinks he's laughing because it doesn't make any difference what the judges say. He ends on a positive note by taking on the judges in a light hearted way.

6. Andrew Garcia - he's singing Chris Brown, "Forever" . . . seriously dude, I'm not sure if you should be singing a Chris Brown song . . . Oh look, Katherine McPhee's "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree's" beatboxer is back. I wish he would pull his legs down from the stool. He sounds better than he has in the past few weeks. . . much better, a wee boring, but better. Randy thinks Andrew is back, and the outfit is mad dope. Ellen thought it was an amazingly strong performance. Kara thought it was one giant leap in the right direction. Simon thought it was miles better, but he is boring.

7. Katie Stevens - is taking on Aretha Franklin . . . Oh Sweet Baby Buddah . . . BTW, I like the backstage reactions . . . She's singing "Chain of Fools" . . . this could be disasterous . . . What is she wearing . . . I'll give her this . . . she is showing a lot more stage presence and energy tonight . . . her vocals aren't always hitting the point, but I see some growth in her. That being said, she's still got some issues to work through. Randy thought it was one of the best vocal performances of the night. Ellen thought the vocals were great, but she wishes the song had been a bit more current. Kara thinks R&B pop is where she belongs, but it needs to be more young and commercial. Simon thinks Randy's comparison to Christina is crazy . . . he thought it was pretty good vocally, but thought she was robotic.

8. Lee DeWyze - This should be his safe spot. Dear Lee, why are you wearing the same outfit every week. He's singing "Treat Her Like A Lady". Lee is a little on fire tonight . . . this is really, really, good. He's fixing those pitch problems and starting to own the song . . . NICE. Randy thought it was unbelievable. Ellen thought it was the best performance of the night. Kara thought it was amazing. Simon thinks this is the night his life may have changed forever.

9. Crystal Bowersox - She's playin the piano with "Midnight Train to Georgia". A-MAZ-ING ... simply brilliant . . . there are no other words. Randy thinks she did the song proud. Ellen thinks she is in it to win it. Kara can't wait to see what she does next. Simon thinks she had moments of brilliance, but doesn't want her to stray to far from herself.

10. Aaron Kelly - He's singing "Ain't No Sunshine" . . . Does anyone else remember Kris Allen rippin this song to shreds last year? All of the notes are there . . . but I don't believe him, and am a bit bored. Randy thought it started rough, and thought it was just aight. Ellen thought it was good. Kara liked it but didn't love it. Simon thought he wasn't as good as last week.

And we're through another week. This week was MUCH better than last week. I'm gonna hold off on my rankings . . . cuz I don't think there is anyway America will send my bottom three to the bottom three . . .

Back later with some rankings.

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