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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Top 12: You Can't Always Get What You Want . . . Therefore, Sometimes It Has To Be Painted Black (YIKES)!

UGH! My interwebs is screwing me over this evening!

So, let’s get right to it…

1. Michael Lynche – Big Mike is singing “Miss You”, and I think he did a good, solid, job. As Simon would say, I’m not jumping out of my chair, but it was a good performance. Randy and Ellen thought he was great. Kara thought he delivered swagga and attitude. Simon thinks his confidence is up, but he thought it was kind of corny. He thought he sang it well, but that it was a tiny bit desperate. Ryan got up in his grill . . . that was kind of funny, and Simon wants to sort it out in his trailer later. 

2. Didi Benami – Her mother can’t watch in person because she doesn’t like watching her get judged . . . She’s singing “Playing with Fire” . . . the lower register notes are a little pitchy, but otherwise, I think she’s spot on . . . a haunting performance, and I kinda dug it . . . Randy thought she was on fire. Ellen noticed that she lost her way a bit, but liked that she got right back into it. Kara thinks it is compelling for her to have a sweet voice and sing a dark song. Simon thought it was a cool choice of song, and he is a fan.

3. Casey James – MY BABY! And Rubbertoe’s pick to win. Ok, so I love his mother. He’s singing “It’s All Over Now” . . . and he brought his guitar  . . . Casey’s got his swagga back . . . he’s kinda got that vibe tonight like it’s not American Idol, but a Casey James concert. Solid vocals, and I buy him singing the song. Randy thinks he could make a nice career with this type of performance. Ellen made a very funny lesbionic joke, and then told him it was fantastic. Kara thought he was a rock star. Simon thinks he looked and sounded great, but it sounded like an audition performance…. I’m not sure what that means. Mercy, that boy is hot . . .

4. Lacey Brown – Her parents are pastors . . . interesting . . . – She’s singing, “Ruby Tuesday” . . . She has such an interesting twang to her voice . . . I think technically she sang the song very well, but there was kind of a lack of energy. Randy was pleasantly surprised, and thought it was interesting. Ellen thought it was weird that she sat down during the up tempo part of the song. Kara thought her voice sounded good, but some pitch problems . . . she thinks she could have done it better. Simon thought the vocals were good, but she needs to stop over thinking it.

5. Andrew Garcia – Btw, La Seacrest’s constant references to “stones” is cracking me up. . . He’s singing “Give Me Shelter” . . . while Ryan tries to hold hands with Simon . . . er, um . . . something is very wrong with the beginning of this song . . . He’s very pitchy in parts . . . and those last big notes were slightly painful in a yikesy kind of way . . . Randy thought it wasn’t great. Ellen thought it was his best performance yet. Kara thought there were good parts, but not great overall. I didn’t hear what Simon said cuz I was on the phone with freakin Comcast… UGH!

6. Katie Stevens – She chose to sing “Wild Horses” . . . good choice . . . she wants to put Connecticut on the map . . . with that backlighting she looks like a younger version of The McPhee . . . The first part of the song was a little iffy, but she is picking it up . . . she hit a nice, big ole note towards the end . . . she's still a little pitchy, but I thought it was better than I've heard from her in the last few weeks. Randy thought she was a bit pitchy, but ended nicely. Ellen thought it started pitchy, but finished well. Kara thinks it's never technically perfect with her, but that she is talented. Simon thinks this is the only week where she has chosen the right song.

7. Tim Urban - Here comes the cross your fingers performance . . . it could go either way . . . too many jokes to say with the wide receiver comment . . . he's singing "Under My Thumb" . . . technically, he's singing the song fairly well, but I'm a bit bored with his rendition of this song . . . he is smart for choosing a song that doesn't have a huge range . . . I liked the ending much better . . . Randy didn't get the performance. Ellen felt like it was too relaxed, Kara applauds him for doing something so incredibly different with the song. Simon applauds his originality, but doesn't think it worked.

8. Siobhan Magnus - She's singing "Paint It Black" - I don't have a lot to say about this . . . they are going to jizz all over themselves for this and I just thought it was a Big. Hot. Mess. All of the judges jizzed and I am flacid.

9. Lee DeWyze - Whoever dressed him did a good job tonight... the boy looks good. He's singing "Beast of Burden" . . . Good, solid performance. Again, he's got those pitch problems, but I really like him. I still think he could be the darkhorse to win this thing. Randy thought it was dope. Ellen thought it didn't really come together . . . like a hospital gown. Kara thinks he's growing faster than anyone on stage . . . Simon likes him, but thinks his personality holds him back.

10. Paige Miles - Damn it, I didn't hear what she was singing . . . ahhh, "Honky Tonk Woman" . . . I think it was the best performance from her thus far . . . Randy wishes she had more energy. Paige liked that she used the stage. Kara thinks she really hit some big notes. Simon asked her about her voice . . .she has laryngitis . . . thinks she is still better than that and hasn't quite connected, but thinks she did a good job.

11. Aaron Kelly . . . his mother his Kelly Kelly . . . he's singing "Angie" . . . Someone wake me up when it's done . . . seriously, this is putting me to sleep . . . is this song not over yet . . . . oh my Lord . . . that was ok vocally, but he needs a shot of energy. Here comes the pimping . . . Randy thinks he has tender moments in his voice. Ellen thought that he and Siobhan were the two standout performances . . . Ellen is on crack. Kara thought he was powerful. Simon thinks he chose the right song, but thought he was quite clever with his vocal decisions.

12. Crystal Bowersox - Ok, I love her dad and Casey James' mom . . . "You Can't Always Get What You Want" . . . I'm looking forward to this . . . Randy loved it but didn't think it was her best. Ellen thinks she is born to be on stage. Kara thought she was a bit cocky before, but thought she was better tonight. Simon thinks she was beaten by Siobhan . . . HAVE THEY LOST THEIR FUCKING MINDS!

My rankings:

1. Crystal,
2. Casey
3. Lee,
4. Didi,
5. Michael,
6. Paige,
7 Siobhan,
8. Katie,
9. Lacey,
10. Aaron,
11. Tim,
12. Andrew

My bottom three: Aaron, Tim, and Andrew
America's bottom three: Lacey, Andrew, and Didi (the surprise)

Should go home: Andrew or Aaron
Will go home: Andrew

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