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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Usher out the Teflon Tim

Here's my take on the Top 10
Best of the night to the worst:

The top 3 were very close

1. Casey - True, the song did not really show of his range. However, it was the first performance by anyone this year that actually looked like a star performance.
Casey was in his element
2. Lee - Loved how he really seemed to respond to Simon's comments about reviewing this performance and looking back and saying that this is the night that changed his life. Lee was awesome tonight. He looked comfortable and for the first time looked like a serious contender rather than just a guy that had a better voice than most of the contestants.
3. Crystal - solid as always. She looked very uncomfortable playing the piano. It seemed very unnatural and I think it hurt her at the beginning of the song.
4. Andrew - OK, who didn't know that he was going to do an acoustic version of a pop song? I think everyone saw this performance coming...and that is what he is going to do from here on out until he is voted off in a couple of weeks. He was excellent though. Close to the top 3 but not really in the same league.
5. Big Mike - Consistent. Good voice...but just not much more to say. He sings on key. That's about it.
6. Aaron - Good voice, but again, Zero stage presence.
7. Didi - has it completely right, what has happened to you. Do you have any idea who you are? The performance was completely staged, completely unnatural and just not good. The Didi rollercoaster continues...she had so much potential, but like Paige before her, she doesn't have a clue who she wants to be.
8. Katie - Don't see why the Judges were pimping her. She had as much stage presence as a turnip and her vocals were just ok. She looked old, not me she looked like the female character from Disney's Hercules. I hated everything about her performance tonight...but then again...I have never been a fan.
9. Siobhan - or Cinnabon as she is now called amongst many of us who cannot pronounce her name. What a train wreck tonight. If she sang two notes of the song on key that would be one more than I heard. And she looked like a flashdance reject.
Don't they have style consultants at this stage of the show? I was also glad to hear Simon tell her that the screech is getting old.
10. Tim - Serious? Anita Baker? Seriously? C'mon dude. Seriously, Anita Baker?
Wow...I did say a week ago to some friends that if the guy has an IQ over 80, then there is no god. I mean a guy with his body and looks with an IQ too? Not possible.
His song choice proved it this week. Seriously Dude....Anita friggin Baker? It was horrendous. I did love his smile and laughs during the judges comments though. and I admit that I did vote for him, just to try to keep him on the show.

Rubbertoes Bottom 3: Tim, Katie and Cinnabon
America's Bottom 3: This is TOUGH.

IT is going to be an interesting show tonight because we are going to see how strong people's voting bases are.
I suspect that Cinnabon won't be in the bottom 3 because I think a lot of people like her.
Katie may skate the bottom 3 as well based on the young girl votes.
Could Andrew be in the bottom 3? He's been there before and despite his good performance tonight, people may be over him...and then there is Aaron - Do the young voters vote in droves for him? He hasn't been in the bottom 3 yet.
Tim - Will definitely be in the bottom 3, however, the bigger question will be whether his good looks and charm can carry him on through another week - aka Teflon Tim.
I think America's bottom 3 will be Tim, Katie and Didi
I think there is a good chance that Didi could go home tonight, but ultimately, I think Tim's luck has run out, so I am going with Idol saying goodbye to Teflon Tim.

BTW...I keep forgetting about my second favorite TV show.......Idol Tonight. Its on tonight...TV Guidechannel, 1 hour before Idol....I've got to remember to watch it tonight!!!!!



J said...

I had a difficult time with my bottom three too . . . I hate to think that Didi could go, but my gut says that Teflon Tim has got another week in him. I also think it is unlikely that the masses will send Siobhan to the bottom three . . . but her version of Chaka was so wretched and she went first that I went out on a limb and picked her. I just don't know about tonight . . .

DrL/K said...

I think Idol Tonight has been cancelled! We used to love to watch it, too, but I can't find it anywhere :(

Rubbertoe said...

You are correct. I was so upset. I LOVED that show!!!