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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Top 8 Girls

There's no place like home. I had a great time with our friends in Barcelona...but now its back to reality....and back to watching Idol in its regular time slot!!!

First up - Katie Stevens - Why would you try to do Kelly Clarkson? Seriously. Pale pale PALE comparison. Katie showed up the difference between an American Idol and an amateur contestant. Did Simon say "You kinda sucked"? Oh....the "Air out of it".... Voice 4, Performance 4

Siobhan Magnus - I like how she started acapella, but I wished when the music picked up it would have picked up a bit more. She's got a really god voice, she's a little stiff in her performace. Voice 9, Performance 6

Lacey Brown - Doing "The Story". I love this song. I'm afraid. Could have been worse, but she took the song no where. She didn't even get into the best part of the song, but rather took the easy part of the song and didn't really do anything with it. Voice 7, Performance 4. (The judges liked it a lot better than I did)

Kattelyn Epperly - Pretty Girl, but just doesn't have the talent. Flat. Just not much there. Came across like a performance at a high school talent show to me
Voice 6, Performance 6

Didi - She has a very nice honest tone to her voice, but she's lost the oomph that she showed in Hollywood week.
Voice 8, Performance 6. (Simon and Kara loved her more than I did...but I'm happy for her).

Paige Mies - Smile. (A Classic, go-home song)...THIS is the best voice in the competition? She didn't show it tonight. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't anything great. Voice 7, Performance 5. (Simon says, possibly the end of the road...I don't think so).

Crystal - Doing some Traci Chapman - This is right up her alley. She certainly knows what kind of artist that she wants to be. I'm just not so sure the AI audience is big into this genre. She performed it great though. Great upper range.
AI needs to buy her two teeth during he makeover though. It is very distracting to me.
Voice - 9, Performance 9.

Lilly Scott - Nice modern take on classic Patsy Cline. I just don't really get her style. Its all a little strange to me. Voice 8, Performance 7.

Who SHOULD go home: Based on tonight - Katie/Paige
Who SHOULD go home based overall: Katie/Kattleyn

Who WILL go home: Katie for sure. Then its a tossup between Lacey and Kattleyn. I'm going to say Lacey.

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