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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It's all over now...and paint it awesome!

Top 12 Rolling Stones Night!

Big Mike - Miss You - interesting take on this tune - on the fence about the appeal of his falsetto. He could easily overuse it - if he hasn't already. K says he has already gone there. Off key in parts? agree with Simon about the corny dancing

DiDi - Playing with Fire - like the arrangement a lot, but wonder if it took too long to get to the chorus..if there was a chorus? she has the right take on the song - but just kind of fell apart at the end. K suggests a DiDi drinking game: wait for her forehead vein to show - then chug. Depending on her stress level - you could get wasted quick!

Casey - It's All Over Now - LOVE it! Great bluesy - rockin' vibe, southern style. If you wandered up at an outdoor concert and heard that & saw him - you would stick around, right J?! Nothin' more to say :)

Lacey - Ruby Tuesday - weird arrangement of this song. several places where she was quite flat. Committed cardinal Idol sin by singing a song with 'goodbye' in it. Ellen had a good point about her movement in the song - perceptive!

Andrew - Gimme Shelter - voice sounds really smooth in the beginning - but such a restrained performance for this song!

Katie - Wild Horses - ended much better than it started. shaky and a bit pitchy when she started off, but once her nerves calmed down she got into the song. Good song choice for her fan base to remember her.

Tim - Under My Thumb - never thought about a reggae version of this song...not sure about how that connected with the song. He really does have a nice voice though.

Siobhan - Paint it Black - thought it was perfect! great use of the stage - truly a performance on the Idol stage. Hated her hairdo though...curly q...

Lee - Beast of Burden - made the song current, seemed a bit nervous - but I really liked it. He has a really unique sound and hopefully we will see him really find songs that help him showcase that.

Paige - Honky Tonk Woman - much better performance this week than several weeks. Not sure about the lyric changes, but I really liked the tone of her voice - maybe it was the laryngitis.

Aaron - Angie - I had been kidding around that someone should sing this...pleasantly surprised with Aaron's performance here! (Well, not the rockin-back-n-forth thing he does). His tone was so smooth and clear, I totally forgot he was OMG 16. Way to go dude! I LOVED it !!

Crystal - Can't Always get What you want - YES you can! go Crystal! Effortless and smooth, rockin' MamaSox.


Big Mike

Our bottom three: Andrew, Tim and Lacey

America's bottom three: Andrew, Lacey and Tim

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