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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

House of Usher!

Siobhan - Through the Fire - pitchy when she was reaching for the high notes...K wondered about song choice, but if she was going to do - she should have conformed her style to the song - which she didn't do and it fell apart. Really wishing they would reign her in on the screaming.

Casey - Hold On I'm Coming - Perfect song for him! He seemed comfortable and like he was having fun - enjoyable performance :) Loved the blues vibe for him.

Big Mike - Ready for Love - special pimp lighting! really, really good...perfect choice for him, smooth, heartfelt, sensitive - loved the guitar!

DiDi - What becomes of the Broken Hearted - sounded really off key to me. A forced performance - just moving from note to note. Not a good song choice for her at all.

Tim - Sweet Love - really love the tone of his voice - I know he still needs to work on his performance, just doesn't come easy for him to do a Constantine-eye-vibe thing - but it was pretty good. He is such a good natured guy

Andrew - Forever - I don't know this song, but I really like this arrangement! I think he has finally found his way again. He hasn't seemed relaxed in weeks - this seemed to take him there.

Katie - Chain of Fools - Good performance - but didn't really have any soulfulness or edge to it. I think it has to be the age factor, because she really has the voice to pull this off.

Lee - Treat Her Like a Lady - (note to Idol stylists - PLEEASE help him find some new clothes) Fantastic! LOVED the modern arrangement of this song!! Lee - where have you been dude, - this was super :) He was having fun and it was so enjoyable!

Crystal - Midnight Train to Georgia - LOVED it!! the piano was really a nice touch. Love that song - and it fit her so well. She really knows how to connect with the song - and share that with us.

Aaron - Ain't No Sunshine - they are just transforming him week by week - a' la Clay Aiken (clothes, hair, brows). Hard for him to follow Lee and Crystal.... I do hate for him - that so many other people have done this song over the years..and his version was sort of what-ev.

Two quick comments: the makeup was bad tonight...not sure what was happening there - as it has been exceptional these season with HD-ready looks for everyone. On a positive: Can I just say what a really good mentor Usher has been?! I love it when the mentors try to give them good feedback.


Big Mike

America's bottom three: Andrew, Katie, Tim Tim goes home

L&K's bottom three: Aaron, Siobhan, DiDi Who should go home: Aaron

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