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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Find me somebody to vote for....out of this group!

Lee - Didn't know the song -weirdly paced song, and it seemed that he was straining to sing it - definitely not in his comfortable range. I would worry about being memorable with that performance - although that could be me not knowing the song!.

Alex - K's take on this song ( L was out of the room)- cemented he has one of the more unique and radio-ready voices, but everywhere his nerves get the best of him - and performance suffers.

Tim - Hallelujah - little shaky in the start, but then jumped in and found his groove with the song. Really nice take on the song and guitar playing was beautiful! He needed a good performance -way to go dude :)

Andrew - Xtina song - Fun! what a cool summertime vibe on that - I have missed that song - fun to hear it again. Maybe not the best of the night - but he certainly has his own approach to the Idol process.

Casey - Keith Urban song - liked it, relaxed and he has a comfortable vibe when he connects to the song and the audience. Like a little mini-concert when he takes the stage

Aaron - Lonestar song - big voice in such a little guy! started off rough - but improved as it went along - he seems to find his confidence as he gets going - maybe the song was a little old for him in terms of lyrics? sigh...L is not a country fan

Todrick - Queen - much smarter song choice - theatrical though! I love this song - and it didn't build like it could have - it was a bit restrained at times, but overall a good performance for him - I need to go hear the original

Big Mike - This Woman's Work - has a nice, smooth, classic R&B tone to his voice tonight minus the high notes! Not a fan of his wiggling around on the stage though - LOL took me out of the performance a bit! laughing a bit harder now that Kara is crying....


Big Mike

This was tougher to rank than the girls last night....moved around the choices a lot before coming down to these options - and these don't match our rankings
Thinking that the two guys we say goodbye to will be: Todrick and Aaron

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