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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Re-Emergence of the Idol Points Game

J reporting from the A.T.L.

I missed most of the results show, but I got the gist... and it inspired me to re-start our Idol points game.

Let's review the rules... We get one point each for the bottom three and one point for the exiting additional 2 points will be assigned if our original pick for that week goes home....

The rankings:

1. Rubbertoe - 5 ... He got 2 of the bottom 3... picked Lacey to go home, and originally picked her to be 12th.
2. DrL/K - 4 .... They got 2 of the bottom 3 and picked Lacey 12th.
3. J - 3 .... I got one of the bottom 3, and picked Lacey to go 12th.

I'm going to try and keep this up every week. Congrats, Everybody..,, except Lacey....


DrL/K said...

That's great! We love the Idol Points Game! It's so much fun, coming to the blog and seeing everyone's analysis and comments. ALTOAI rocks :)

Rubbertoe said...

Hey J....thanks for starting the game. Wh-hoooo.....I'm in the lead (for 1 week anyways......)...