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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Heard it thru the grapeVYNE...

Top 11 Night

Lee - The Letter - more energetic than past performances. Seemed like a good song for his vocal range. Not sure that the song choice was current enough to connect with the voters in this critical week.

Paige - Against all Odds - sounds really shaky and nervous tonight. a timid performance in the beginning, having trouble finding the key, oops, completely lost it! Oh this is SO not good....she should be really worried! Painful.

Tim - Crazy Lil Thing Called Love - trying to mix it up a bit - look at him performing! Sounds pretty good, seems like he is stepping it up a bit in the energy department. song was okay - Ellen said corny..., but seems like he targeted his voting demographic.

Aaron - I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing - he is turning into ballad-boy. I'm not up on the country stuff, but is this a country artist version of this song? good performance - not as good (for me) as Angie last week. You wouldn't think he could connect with these adult songs, but he seems to do it.

Crystal - Bobbie McGee - you can tell that she really loves to sing and perform - I LOVE this song and thought she did a great job! Would buy it now. That rug really ties the room together...

Big Mike - When a Man Loves a Woman - liked his little meeting with Miley - sweet! Loving this performance from him tonight - great version of the song, and he seems genuine in his approach - which I haven't seen as much. Yay! No bouncing around the stage! K - says he hasn't been on the Big Mike train,

Andrew - Heard it through the Grapevine - doing the California Raisins moves...LOL! Heard it thru the grapeVYNE... those lyrics were so weirdly punctuated. Miley looks quite bored, and they show her several times... Not a whole lot to say about that one. Just about to lose my MYND.

Have to ask at this point - what is with all the OLDER songs tonight?? Billboard Top 100?? I know we discuss it here on the blog and the judges discuss it, but really - there must be some sort of elusive secret to song choice that most of the contestants don't seem to get.

Katie - Fergie song - finally, a current song! not sure that she nails it, but it is okay- maybe a little sharp/flat throughout. Way off key at the end....Did what she needed to do to reach the teen voters, I think.

Casey (J's baby) - The Power of Love - back to the 80's - umm.. what happened to using the stage? I was expecting him to go crazy out there with the Huey Lewis song...It started out like it might be really fun, and I was hoping for more. Still he sounded great!

DiDi - You're no Good- did Ryan introduce her as DiDi Bonini?? Not really digging it..she seemed like she was irritated rather than connecting with the song. Maybe a bit repetitive on the arrangement? And PLEASE Idol contestants - don't pick a song that talks about 'going home, or how things aren't good', etc.

Siobhan - Superstition - Love her, but.... Not a fan of this tonight! I know, shocked right? But, on a couple of points - it was a bit reserved for me, like the shoes were too tight and she isn't comfortable & Didn't enjoy the power note at the end - didn't think it fit. In danger of that becoming overdone.

Rankings -

Big Mike

Our bottom three: Tim, Andrew, Paige

America's bottom three: Tim, Andrew, Paige

Should go home: Paige, but WILL go home: Andrew

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