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Sunday, March 21, 2010

E!'s Idolatry Wonders Who Can Break Up the Crystal/Siobhan Final Two?

Click the link below to watch E!'s Idolatry review of the Top 12 performances. They really believe that we are headed for a Crystal/Siobhan Final Two . . . but think that Lee and/or Didi could break up the inevitable finale. Also, they call Lacey's outfit a "hot buttered mess" It's a very good review, and make sure you watch all three parts!

E! Online's Idolatry Top 12 Review


DrL/K said...

Very interesting review; they echoed many of the comments L & I had watching the Stones show.

Curious how many of the "fail"s (Tim's weird upbeat reggae take on a sadistic tune) or "meh"s (Big Mike Auto-Piloting, relying on cockiness) seem to hinge on an emotional disconnect from the song, or lack of energy/immediacy; also goes back to what they said about lowering the bar into a trench.
I don't know if Lee has the charm to bust up Crystal/Siobhan, he's too nervous. I can't see Paige lasting. I think the only spoiler is Didi.

-- K

Rubbertoe said...

My biggest beef with this can you talk about a "spoiler" and not even MENTION Casey?

Its almost like they really really want an all female final 3.

I'm sorry....but I would be SHOCKED if Casey isn't in the top 3. I fully expect him to be in the top 2...but there is no chance he doesn't make the top

DrL/K said...

Oh. My. God. You are so right! How the eff could I have blanked on Casey? Dementia must be setting in. OF COURSE, Casey is the only legit contender here; In any but the most bizarre "shocker" outcome, he'll make the top 2, no doubt.

DrL/K said...

Having a rough day here at work - just wanted to send out a shout-out to my fellow bloggers to say how much I heart our Idol fun!! Keeps me going on days like today.

J said...

I'm sorry you're having a rough day. I feel the same way about the blog. WE LOVE YOU! :)