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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Take That . . . Rewind it Back . . . The Boys are Back in the Game

The boys are up tonight because of some mystery . . . Never fear, La Seacrest will inform us of the reason for the switcheroo

THIS is AMERican Idol

Crystal was taken to the hospital this morning and is under doctor's orders not to perform tonight . . . I wonder if they would have made the same change for a lesser contestant?

The judges have changed postons again . . . Randy and Simon are on the ends and Ellen and Kara are in the middle.

1. Big Mike is up first - singing "A Man's World" by James Brown . . .let's see what he can do. . . sans guitar this evening . . . much more Big Mike's vibe than Maroon Five . . . I like the soul and his voice SHINES with this type of song. Much, much, better . . . Randy gave him the standing ovation . . . Ellen loved his song choce . . . Kara didn't get him until tonight . . . Simon thinks he went from being a pussycat to a lion in one week.

2. John Park - is focusing on the "honesty" tonight . . . he'll be singng John Mayer's "Gravity" . . . it's tough taking on David Duke's cock, er, um, I mean, John Mayer . . . This is a much, much, better performance by Mr. Park. I'm feelin his soul and his voice sounds so much better . . . a good, solid performance. Randy didn't think he brought anything new to the performance. Ellen didn't think he felt the song, Kara is concerned that he didn't have a connection to the song. Simon thinks it was a so what performance.

3. My Casey James is next - He's doin "I don't wanna be" by Gavin DeGraw . . . w/steel guitar . . . I hope he brings it . . . this one's been done quite a few times . . . I love the guitar, but I think his vocals are not as good as they were last week . . . and he isn't really putting his spin on the song . . . that being said, I think my baby is safe . . . Simon is gonna think this was "indulgent" . . . Randy feels him as a musician. Ellen thought he sounded great and that everything is there on paper . . . but she wants to see him perform more. Kara thinks he took two steps back, and wasn't distinct. Simon doesn't think he has the grit to pull that song off.

4. Alex Lambert - He's a nervous nelly . . . He's singing John Legend's "Everybody Knows" . . . Now, this is more like it . . . he looks more comfortable on stage . . . he started a little nervous, but he pulled it out . . . I am MUCH happier with this performance. Randy loves the improvement. Ellen thinks his banana ripened. Kara thinks everyone is rooting for him. Simon thinks it was a million times better than last week.

5. Todrick Hall . . . who needs to be STRUNG UP for what he did to Kelly Clarkson last week . . and this week he's takin on Tina Turner . . . ugh . . . He's singing "What's Love Got to Do With It" . . . I'm tryin not to let my hate for last week's performance sway my review . . . and it is better, but I still think he's off key at times . . . I will say, as I have with everyone, it is much better than last week, but, for me, the worst so far. . . Randy thinks that he's changing songs that don't need to be changed. Ellen thought it was not the right song. Kara agrees with Ellen and thinks he should move more. Simon thinks that he should move but not sing . . and he called him Tondrick.

6. Jermaine Sellers - small onesie is WRONG . . . He's singing Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On" . . . Sexual Healing may have been a better choice for him . . . He ought to be ashamed of himself for that hair . . . I was bored . . . that's it. Randy thinks it wasn't great. Ellen loves his style but the song didn't work for her. Kara thinks the problem is that he is always doing too much. Simon is frustrated and disappointed.

7. Andrew Garcia - A just texted me that he is the Latino Danny Gokey . . . so true . . . did he just say "swag" . . . he is treadng on sacred ground with me and A here . . . James Morrison's "You Give Me Something" . . . This is awful . . . he doesn't have the voice for this song . . . and, in the words of the judges, I don't believe him. I think he's got a good voice, but baby boy did not bring it tonight. Randy thought it wasn't the right vibe. Ellen disagrees and like it a lot. Kara thinks he's going downhill. Simon is frustrated and disappointed.

8. Aaron Kelly, AKA Baby Backstreet, is up next - Oh Sweet Lord . . . he's doing "My Girl" . . . NO NO NO . . . He's got some soul and, as Kara would say, some chops, but this is the WRONG song . . . he's like 12 . . . sing something CURRENT! One of the judges had better say the word karaoke . . . and, oh Lord that falsetto . . . yikes! Randy thought it was 200 percent better than last week. Ellen didn't love the song, but thinks he can sing. Kara loved it. They are pimping him . . . Simon didn't like the song, and thought it was all over the place.

9. Tim Urban - working the hottie vibe . . . let's hope he can actually rock the singing vibe . . . they are giving him the almost pimp spot . . . he's singing "C'mon Get Higher" by Matthew Nathenson . . . another sacred one for me and A . . . He's still not even close to the top of the class, but this is MUCH better than last week . . . it couldn't have gotten much worse. The guitar seems to make him more comfortable . . . With his looks, I think we'll be seeing him in the Top 12. Randy thought it was karaoke. Ellen thinks he should act. Kara liked the song choice, but he didn't make it is own. Simon, seeing dollar signs, thinks it was a marked improvement over last week.

10. Lee DeWyze - Singing one of my Favorite songs . . . Hinder's "Lips of an Angel" . . . I think this boy has Kris Allen darkhorse written all over him . . . He's a wee bit screechy tonight, but I really like his vibe . . . I'm a fan. He's a performer . . . Randy thought he was pitchy, but liked it. Ellen agrees. Kara thought it was a big improvement. Simon wants him to raise his shoulders . . . and thinks he is head and shoulders, vocally, above all of the boys.

My rankings for the night:

1. Big Mike
2. Lee
3. Alex
4. Casey
5. John,
6. Tim
7. Andrew,
8. Aaron
9. Todrick,

That being said, I don't think Todrick will go home . . . I'm leaning towards John Park and Jermaine . . .

See y'all tomorrow.


DrL/K said...

Great post J! and good comment about would they have switched the night around if it wasn't Crystal...hmmmm.

A's comment about Andrew was spot on! :) Just wait till he starts breaking out all the colors and designs from Lens Crafters this season. They should be a new sponsor.

DrL/K said...

Great post J! and good comment about would they have switched the night around if it wasn't Crystal...hmmmm.

A's comment about Andrew was spot on! :) Just wait till he starts breaking out all the colors and designs from Lens Crafters this season. They should be a new sponsor.