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Monday, March 15, 2010

J's Top 12

Ok, so, I was looking over K's Top 12 pics at the bottom of the page . . . and I thought I should map out my Top 12 for the season . . . I have been so wrong throughout the Top 24, and am starting to believe that not as many people are voting this year . . . so the choices prove difficult. . . particularly the first few . . . but, here we go.

12. Lacey - I really think she sneaked through the first two weeks of Hollywood . . . I think she is vulnerable and will be the first to go.

11. Paige - I think she's got one more week in her, but will then be out the door . . . she should have been gone last week. Simon may think she has the best female voice, but she has yet to prove it.

10. Andrew - I think he will make the tour, but his performances throughout Hollywood were iffy at best. I think at this point in the competition, he will get a little lost in the shuffle.

9. Aaron - HE SHOULD NOT BE HERE. Whew, I feel better saying that . . . I'm still smarting a bit that we have to here him sing and Alex Lambert was left behind. I think he'll still coast a while on the sweet 16 vibe, but will leave fairly early.

8. Katie - SHE SHOULD NOT BE HERE. Whew, I feel better saying that . . . I think the sixteen year old's will go out back to back.

7. Siobhan - I have never really felt her vibe. I understand I am on the island of unpopular opinion here, but I think she will be our first surprise exit.

6. Tim - I think fairly consistent performances and that face will take him into the Top 6 but no further.

5. Big Mike - I think Big Mike will run out of steam at some point and looking at the remaining four . . . I just don't think he's in the same class . . .

Which leads me to my Top 4 . . .

4. Didi - I really like this girl. I think she has a solid, consistent voice, and has a lovely stage presence. I think there are a few contestants who are stonger than she is, but I think she'll definitely be a part of our final four.

3. Lee - Even with the slightly pitchy vocals, he has got such an amazing stage presence, and I can already see him touring. I love, love, love this boy . . . I think he is going to be the surprise of the Top 12 . . . and may be the darkhorse to win.

2. Casey - AKA My Baby - Y'all know I love my baby. I think he has a consistent voice, plays a mean guitar, and has great stage presence. He very definitely could win this competition, but I think there is one more who could out do him . . .

1. Crystal - I just think she already carries herself as the consummate professional. I think some of the theme weeks will be difficult for her, but I think she's got it in her to emerge the winner . . . I think the Idol Machine will NOT want her to win . . . they would definitely be pulling for Didi, Lee, and Casey . . .

Should be an interesting season . . .

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