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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Idol Points Game: The Top 11 Edition

Hello all,

I was at a student function tonight and was apprised of Idol's results via text . . . Paige Miles is headed out, and she appeared in all of our bottom 3's!

To update the game, here were last week's standings:

1. Rubbertoe: 5 points
2. Dr.L&K: 4 points
3. J: 3 points

This week's points

Rubbertoe: Two of the three bottom three correct (Katie & Paige) = 2 points
Dr.L&K: Two of the three bottom three correct (Paige & Tim) = 2 points
J: Two of the three bottom three correct (Paige & Tim), Eliminated correct, and correct original prediction of #11 = 5 points. . . . I had a lucky week :)

Updated totals:

1. J: 8 points
2. Rubbertoe: 7 points
3. Dr.L&K: 6 points

We continue to have a nailbiter of a competition here, y'all.

BTW, did Ryan happen to mention what the theme of our touring Top 10 is?

See y'all!


Rubbertoe said...


BTW...good round J....

J said...

Thanks, Rubbertoe! I was stunned that not only did Andrew not go home, but that he wasn't in the Bottom 3?!?!!? What the hell? He must have one hell of a voting base.

DrL/K said...

Way to rock it J! Your Idol-dar is working well.

We were stunned by the Andrew sitch as well; there was no doubt Paige was the worst, but wasn't Andrew easily within two degrees of suck? It was such a robotic, karaoke performance, and he looked eerily like Kim-Jong-Il. Idol has been pimping his backstory, though, so maybe he has the "rise over adversity" sympathy votes.