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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

An EXXXciting first round

1. Lil Rounds - "The day you let go of your dreams is the day you let go of your life".
She could be a top 40 star today - her take on the song made it sound like her hit, not Michael's.
2. Scott - OK...when he came out with his brother guiding was a little strange. Just keeping it real but it seemed almost ventriloguist-like. Don't get me wrong...I love the fact that his brother is there for him and such a support and I love the fact that he's giving it his best shot. It just seemed a little bit weird. Performance was decent. He's better when he keeps it in his mid range. The high notes were a little off.
3. Danny - Very good vocal performance. Stage presence was very awkward though. He was trying way too hard. (Simon agrees)
4. Michael Sarver - Wow...AI is really pushing the Oil Rigger storyline. He picked a good song to show off his voice, but I found his performance incredibly "Vegas Cheesy" (Simon Disagrees). (Maybe he will perform well on Engelbert Humperdink night).
5. Jasmine -OK...Jasmine's sister is super HOT! Wow...Jasmine hit this one out of the park. Great song choice for her...a young performer doing a young MJ song.
(I'm suprised how underwhelmed the judges are towards her...very lukewarm).
6. Kris Allen -He's a cute guy and the stylist did well with his look tonight. Vocal performance is very flat though. Song choice I think did him in here, it did nothing to showcase the qualities of his voice. Not very good. (Simon says he should have hidden the wife for a couple of weeks - I thought it was great advice...Kris' wife looked extremely annoyed).
7. Allison Iraheta - Stylist has given her a little more of a hard look than I would have at this point in the competition. Performance was a little dark which may have worked a few weeks in, but I think this is extremely risky for week 1.
8. Anoop - What is with the member's only jacket? I'm not sure I like what the stylists did with him here. "Beat it"....ooooo...big risk, not sure I would have taken this challenge. Comes across very karaoke. Sorry. I like Anoop, but I think this was a HUGE mistake. (You know its bad when Paula disses you).
9. Jorge -arrangement of song was strange..had some latin beat to it, but it should have had a little more latin rythm to it. His "swaying" is strange too. Mixed performance...when it was good it was very good, but some parts weren't very good.
10. Megan - Looks extremely hot tonight. Stylists did a GREAT job with her.
Strange song choice. I understand WHY she chose it, but I'm not sure it worked. It worked enough to move her further on...but verged on talent show "cute".
...My Idol - Gordon Ramsey is in the crowd.
11. Adam Lambert- In a league of his own. Completely a pro on stage with a vocal range that is probably the best in any season of Idol. The only thing is, he may be too polished and too much of a pro for Idol. This could go to his head and bite him eventually. The best of the night by far. Paula predicts a Gokey/Lambert finale.
12. Matt - Dueling Pianos...Matt. V. Scott. Matt won the battle...but I think will lose the war. Falsetto at the end was painful.
13. AleXXXis - Gets the lucky 13 sorry....the AI 866 screw---er mess-up has my mind unfckused..unfocused. Stylists did a good job with her. She's got an edge to it, but not over the top like Alison. Excellent performance with "Dirty" Diana...anyone...everyone catch the irony here?
Will she get screwed by the change in the number?

What is the big change in the rules of the show? We'll find out tomorrow....

Top 3 of the night: Adam Lambert, Gokey and Alexis
Bottom 3: Anoop, Sarver, Alison
Who should go home: Anoop and Sarver
Who will go home: This one is tough. I'm going to say Jasmine and Matt. (I was going to say Jorge, but I think there may be enough latin voters push him through).
This is definitely an interesting round.


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