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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Top 13 Perform Michael Jackson: It's not as BAD as you thought . . . A couple of PYT's (Pretty Yikes Things)

Its a HUGE stage!

It's a HUGE entry for the judges!

It's a HUGE entry for Ryan Seacrest!


Early on we find out that two of our Idols will be going home tomorrow night. Tonight, they are singing the songbook of Michael Jackson . . . this could be disasterous.

Here we go . . .

First up is LIL ROUNDS! She should flow right through this one . . . She's singing "The Way You Make Me Feel" . . . should be a good choice for her. I'm not really clear on what she has growing out of her left shoulder . . . She's got good presence with the camera. Oh, and they've got a little run way thing up to the judges . . . I like it. She's definitely got soul. She's definitely nervous. Probably won't be her best performance, but it was rock solid. Good start.
Randy: Put a whole new spin on it and made it new . . . baby
Kara: Everyone should be saying "Uh-Oh"
Paula: Gives props to the "glam squad" and thinks she is a force to be reckoned with
Simon: Good, but disappointed in the song choice, and hates what she is wearing.

Second, SCOTT MCINTYRE . . . He's singing "Keep the Faith" . . . I"m not familiar with this song. BUT HE"S AT THE KEYBOARD!!!! He's already sounding a thousand percent better. He's lacking a bit of umph at times, and he's bordering on boring. Oh no, the falsetto . . . The ending is much better. Not a great vocal performance, but he is MUCH better with the piano.
Kara: Thought he was great behind the piano
Paula: Thinks it is magical seeing his instrument and his fingertips . . . er . . . um . . .
Simon: He hated it because nobody knows it.
Randy: Thought it was good and very safe. He wants more sparks.

Third, Danny Goeke . . . He's singing "PYT" . . he better be good because this could be oh so cheesetastic! LOVE THE OPENING! He looks good, and he's pullin out the soul. He needs to watch some of the screaming but otherwise he sounds great. I'm placing him just a teeeny tiny bit above Lil Rounds in my rankings. Brillz!
Paula: Got a little teary eyed and predicted that he was on his way to the finals
Simon: Thought the vocals were brilliant, but thought the dancing was hideous
Randy: Thought it was all good and passionate
Kara: Thinks he has joy when he steps on the stage.

The Seacrest just tweeted on the Twitter that Elizabeth Hasselback is in the audience . . . ugh.

Fourth, Michael Sarver. . . He's singing "You're not alone" . . . he better be good to follow Goeke. Uh-oh . . . he better pick this shizz up . . . He's reminding me of Josh Gracin from Season 2. . . Oh, this is not great . . . not bad, but not great . . . He has no idea what to do on that stage. If he stays there going to have to work on that. Good ending note, and last half of the performance. He's fourth so far for me.
Simon: Doesn't think he's the best vocalist . . . but thinks he made up for it with heart.
Randy: Thinks he's one of the best tonight . . . um . . .
Kara: Thinks that tonight showed her that he really can sing, and brought his game.
Paula: Thinks the song was instinctually perfect, and thought he sounded lovely.

Fifth, Jasmine Murray. . . She's singing "I'll Be There" . . . oooh, she's redoing Michael and Mariah . . . she better be DAMN GOOD. What is she wearing? Did we have pastel day with the glam squad? She's sticking to the melody which the judges always like on these types of songs . . . she's going between really good and really boring. Good ending to the song. She's gonna have some trouble because she was in the middle of the pack . . . just aight for me.
Randy: Thinks she did a pretty good job.
Kara: Thinks she has great stage presence, but maybe she should have gone a half key down
Paula: Thinks she has tremendous composure and poise, but had some bum moments.
Simon: Thinks it was nice, but a little bit robotic.

Sixth, Kris Howell, He's singing "Remember the Time" . . . and he's got his guitar. I like this boy. His voice sounds good, and the guitar is a nice touch. He has a surprising amount of soul. Very bum note in the middle of the song . . . he's going to suffer because the song is not terribly dynamic, but I thought his vocals were spot on.
Kara: The girls love him . . .er, um . . . she loves the guitar, a few bum notes, but likes him
Paula: Thinks he's engaging, adorable, and sexy kind of . . .
Simon: Thinks it was interesting, a bit clumsy, ok vocals, should have kept the wife hidden.
Randy: Thinks it was interesting with the guitar and the vocals. He liked it.

Seventh, Allison Iraheta. . . she's singing "Give into Me" . . . I'm not familiar with this song . . . She is reminding me hardcore of Gina from Season 6! I have high hopes for her. I'm kind of loving this interpretation of this song. It's a little awkward at times and screechy, but I'm kind of digging it . . . first half better than the second half.
Paula: Thinks she's a rockstar and doin it since she was 2.
Simon: Thought she was great
Randy: Thinks she's one to watch in the whole thang
Kara: Thinks she is ridiculous . . . in a good way.

Eighth, Anoop Dogg . . . He's singing "Beat It" . . . This has the potential to be absolutely, positively HORRIBLE . . . unless he reworks it . . . I have a bad feeling about this. He would have done better off to have picked a different song . . . His vocals are ok. He's workin the stage pretty well. It's not nearly as bad as I thought it would be . . . still very karoke. A little Yikes for me.
Paula: She thinks he shouldn't have done the song . . . karoke
Simon: Thought it was horrible
Randy: Did not think it worked for him.
Kara: Didn't see him do any variation on the original, and was disconnected to him.

Ninth, Jorge . . . He's singing, "Never Can Say Goodbye". Again, I'm not that familiar with this song. My initial reaction is that he better pick it up or he's in trouble. He's gonna have to work on his stage presence. Big stage. . . no movement. His vocals are pretty good, but I would say that the song is about a half step high for him . . . he's straining to hit some of these notes.
Randy: Has mad love, but thinks it was old fashioned.
Kara: Thinks that he was not connected to the song.
Paula: Has mad love for him, but thinks he deserves to be on the stage.
Simon: Thinks it was corny, and he was out of his depth.

Tenth, Megan Joy . . . She's doin "Rockin Robin" . . . I'm not sure what to think . . . It's kind of cheesetastic . . . It's kind of corny, but I kind of dig the edge she's bringing to it. Her voice sounds great. Very weird song choice, but I thought she made the most of it.
Kara: Thinks she has a way of putting her signature on everything she sings.
Paula: Likes the quirky and unique tone to her voice, but felt disconnected.
Simon: Thought it was a stupid song choice, and thought the whole performance was clumsy
Randy: Thought the song choice did not allow her to really be Megan
And for some reason they asked Gordon Ramsey who didn't have a mic.

Eleventh, Here comes Adam Lambert . . . and his guyliner . . . He's singing "Black and White" . . . I think this is a GREAT SONG CHOICE for him. He's got a great stage presence. He has so added his own Adam touches to this song . . . he does border on the scream sometimes, but he is BRILLZ!
Paula: Thinks that Never in the history of AI have we ever seen someone so seasoned . . . He's crying . . . I HEART HIM . . and would do very evil things to him. . . .sorry about that.
Simon: Thought it was in a totally different league from everything else.
Randy: Thinks he is the most current . . . the most right now . . .
Kara: Hopes Michael Jackson is watching tonight.

Twelfth, Matt Giraud . . . He's got a cryin dad like Kat McPhee . . . He's singing, "Human Nature" . . . this should be good. He's at the piano which will serve him well. I think this will keep him in for another week. He's been doing very well . . . until he hit those horrible falsettos . . . ugh
Randy: Thought it was a good performance with a couple of pitch spots
Kara: Thinks he's talented
Paula: Was blown away
Simon: Thought it was very good.

Thirteenth, Alexis . . . I have high hopes for this girl . . . so many contestants with children this year . . . She's singin "Dirty Diana" . . . should be a good performance . . . SHE IS ROCKIN . . . more so than I thought she could . . . I have the feeling that she might be the best with a band and not as a solo artist . . . just a thought . . . She was awesome!
Kara: You're a naughty girl and I liked it.
Paula: Wants her to watch her oversinging
Randy: Thought it was good but not great
Simon: Doesn't think it was as good as she thinks it was . . .

I worry for her with the change in numbers.
Tomorrow night, a change in the rules that could alter the competition.

I think they are going to do an X Factor thing and have the bottom 3 sing for their survival.

I thought this was a GREAT show . . . much better than I thought it would be considering the theme.

Rankings soon!

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