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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

We're down to the wildcards

So...."Creative" coreography so as to not single out Scott...but when he gets in the top 12...they can only do that for so long. Probably the worst group number I've seen. What was that song?

Down the the nitty gritty...Lil Rounds is the first one through....duh!
Next up...five contestants including Scott....who goes through?....another duh...after the break. AI isn't even trying for drama tonight. Its as if they just want to get the 3 up there and then announce the wildcards.
Scott goes through...and I'm may not be the most politically correct thing to say, but I see a Forrest Gump/Taylor Hicks syndrome beginning here.
Even those who like Scott have to admit that he is not one of the best singers in the competition. Its nice that he's in the top 12, but if he lasts longer than 7 or won't be because of talent.
Ju'not and Jorge are the down for the final seat before wildcard...if its Jorge...I'm 3 for 3 tonight. Good...fake out by Ryan...not after the break...but now...its Jorge.


8 people:

Randy's pick: Von Smith (looking like a butch lesbian tongiht)

Kara: Jasmine - looking beautiful (YEAH!!!!)

Paula: Braddy - looking HOT (WH-HOOOO!!!!!!)

Simon: Megan (Simon said first show....wasn't she the second round?)

Anoop? After the Break? He's coming back for sure....

Back to Randy: Tatiana (I thought it was going to be Nick/Normound. The one we love to hate.

Kara: Matt Giraud

Paula: Jessie

Simon: Anoop (I was having doubts)

I think the judges got it right...I'm going to give it a little more analysis...but my initial reaction is they got it right.

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