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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Wild, Wild Predictions for the Wild Card Round

So, tonight we get a wild card show. Last night we found out that 8 of our ditched Idols will get a second chance at fame and glory. Each of the judges presented two people who will perform tonight. The following were our lucky idols: 1) Von, 2) Jasmine, 3) Ricky, 4) Megan, 5) Tatianna, 6) Matt, 7) Jessie, and 8) Anoop Dogg.

I agree with Rubbertoe that the judges WILL, if at all possible, put through at least 2 girls. These were some interesting choices. I think that Ju'not and Felecia from week 3 were noticeably absent. It's difficult to pick these before hearing the performances because all we have to go on is the judges previous comments. That being said, I'm going to give you my picks and then talk about who I think could pull an upset.

Based on their prior performances AND the judges previous comments, I think the judges will pick: 1) Megan, 2) Jasmine, and 3) Anoop.

Now, I think a few of our wildcard idols could pull upsets. I believe that Von, screaming not withstanding, has one of the cleanest clearest voices on this year's Idol stage. If he reigns himself in and picks the right song, he just might find himself in the Top 12.

Next, I think we shouldn't count out Jessie with the Bette Davis eyes. Jessie has that smokey, jazzy voice that these judges seem to be leaning towards this season. That being said, I think that if Jessie goes through that Megan will not. They have very simialr sounds and I think that it will be one or the other.

Finally, I think that Matt G. could stumble into the Top 12. He chose to sing Viva La Vida in Week 2. . . and really should have chosen differently. That being said, he has a very

distinctive voice and the judges seem to very much like him.

I have not mentioned Tatianna or Ricky. To be honest, I don't remember anything that Ricky has done, and I just don't think that Simon will allow Tatianna's drama to be injected into the Top 12.

However, this is Idol, and the unexpected sometimes happens. Check back later for more predictions, and a review of tonight's show. Let us know what you think!

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