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Friday, March 6, 2009

Ranking the top 13

So I guess its time to go out on a limb and predict the order of the finish of the top

13. Chris Allen (He could go further because he is a cute guy. May get the young girl vote)
12. Jasmine Murray ( I like Jasmine. She's a cute girl. But ultimately the competition is too strong for her to go very far in the competition).
11. Alexis Grace (She's an unknown for me. She could become a dark horse)
10. Jorge Nunez (Ultimately the male competition is going to do Jorge in. His charming personality is only going to get him so far)
9. Matt Giraud (Look for an early exit for this Dueling Piano guy. He could even go sooner than #9)
8. Anoop Desai (Anoop is interesting on many levels, however there are too many better male performers and he lacks the charisma of the stronger performers)
7. Michael Sarver (Michael should be eliminated much soon, however, he is going to be this years Phil Stacy/Josh Gracin - someone who goes further than his talent deserves but has a voting base that votes solely based on their "Story")
6 Allison Iraheta (Could go further, however, I'm not sure how strong she is. She was great in the top 36 round, but I'm not sure that she has the support to go much further than midway)
5. Scott McIntyre (What can I say without sounding completely politically wrong. Scott is a decent guy, but certainly not talented enough to even get to the top 5. I would put him around #10 except for the Forrest Gump/Taylor Hicks vote. I'm afraid he might even go higher over some more qualified performers)
4. Megan Joy (Another tough one. She could get as high as #4 but also could get voted off a lot sooner. I'm not sure how strong she is. I think she will be in the top 5 based on her look, if not her voice. She's easily the best looking female in the crowd)
3. Danny Gokey (Any of the top 3 could win this thing. Danny is going to get a lot of sympathy votes, a lot of votes based on his voice and a little bit of backlash that could hurt him. Danny's worst fear is it coming down to him and Scott McIntyre)
2. Adam Lambert (its unknown how hurt Adam will be by the whole gay thing. He may also be a little too Broadway for this competition. Adam's worst nightmare is a Gokey/Lambert finale)
1. Lil Rounds (Looked incredibly strong during the top 36. She has the voice and the charisma to win it all. Lil is helped by the fact that there hasn't been a true Black Diva that has won it all. However, she could be hurt by being too polished and too talented as some in years past. Lil Rounds greatest fear is a McIntyre or Gokey finale).

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