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Thursday, March 5, 2009

I'm going to rank them in the order I think they did:

Megan - Doing the Cherry Tree song that McPhee did back in Season 5. She looks incredible and does a great performance. But someone has to work with her on her strange coregoraphy.

Anoop Dogg - My perogative. Weak in spots but overall he showed off the qualities of his voice.

Braddy - Not the best song choice for him and a little over the top, but this guy has one of the best voices in the competition.

Tatiana - Man...I hate her...but if you are basing it soley on the performances tonight, she was one of the better ones. But as the judges pointed out, she has sung this song before.

Jasmine - a little low for her range, but overall the song really showcased her voice.

Matt Giraud - Its all about song choice...and this was a good one for Matt
(although he's doing some Taylor Hicks moves which frighten me)...funny....Again Simon says what I am thinking...we must be in some cosmic zone.

Von Smith - Doing his best "Malcolm in the middle" look. Start of the song was weak and too high for his range, but he brought it on at the end. Not enough, though, to get him through.

Jessie - Picked a song out of her lower range and sounded flat at least half of the song.

So who should go through: Megan, Braddy and Anoop
Who is going to go through: Megan, Anoop and Jasmine

Is Rubbertoe right?
First one through - Jasmine
Second through - Megan
Third -Matt
and theny they pull a shocker and put Anoop through as well....that was shocking.
...but sad to say they eliminated probably the best or second best voice in the competition, proving that AI is not just a competition about the best singer....but we all knew that...and we love AI anyway....!

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