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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Top 36 Week 3: Predictions

Alright, so it's time for predictions. I'm torn in all kinds of directions. My Top 3 will not be America's Top 3 for sure. I think the one thing we can all agree on is Lil Rounds. She was far and away the best of the evening. She didn't really need the pimp spot they gave her.

Scott McIntyre is clearly going to get the top male vote . . . no doubt. However, he was not my top male vocalist . . . I think both Jorge and Von have better voices than he does. However, I think once he gets behind a keyboard he is going to be golden.

That leaves the third spot. This is a battle royale of mediocre to good contestants. I think that Felecia, Jorge, Von, and Ju'not all have a legitimate shot. However, due to placement in the line up, I think that this comes down to Jorge and Felecia. I'm giving the edge to Jorge because they pimped him out sooooooo much last night.

My personal Top 3: Lil Rounds, Felecia, Von/Ju'not

Who America will put through: Lil Rounds, Scott, and Jorge


Rubbertoe said...

3 for 3 again.....
If I didn't know better I would think that you have inside information!

Rubbertoe said...

Can you go 3 for 3 tonight and make it a perfect J prediction of the top 12?

J said...

Hee hee! I've been lucky so far I think. The reality is that the third slots in each of the three weeks could have gone to a number of different people. I'm gonna put up my review from last night, and my wildcard picks later. :)