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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Adam Lambert: I Wonder How the Idol Machine Will Deal With This One?

MJ's Blog, a popular Idol Blog that I check into from time to time. Reported a story on one Mr. Adam Lambert. Idol's resident rocker is seen above smooching with a rather colorful young man. MJ wonders, as do I, how the Idol machine will deal with this dramz . . . IF it is true that Rocker Adam enjoys the love that dare not speak its name, then will it affect how America votes. In my memory of Idol gone by, I seem to think that we've never had an OUT finalist . . . we've had finalists who came out afterwards (See R.J. Helton, Jim Veraros, and of course, Clay Aiken) . . . but none that I can remember that were out on the show. Let me know what y'all think about how the Idol Machine will deal with this development.


Rubbertoe said...

It shouldn't matter at all. C'mon, people had to have a pretty good idea before they saw the photos. That said, I think there are a lot of people in mid-America that are going to be bothered by the photos and there is always another big group that is fine with it as long as you adhere to "don't ask, don't tell", no matter HOW obvious you are.
If I were a betting man, I would say that it probably won't affect him through the first 5-6 rounds, but when then competition gets tough in the final rounds, those lost votes are probably going to take its toll.

L/K said...

One the one hand, I am proud that this appears to be the "gayest" idol yet, but on the other hand I am mystified that the producers don't seem to realize who the vast majority of its viewers are.
L and I agree with Rubbertoe that Adam's talent will probably carry him through the middle of the pack (as the fodder is eliminated) but then these pictures may come back to haunt him.

Conspiracy Theory for your consideration: what if Nate's inclusion in the Top 36 was a way to "out-gay" Adam heading into the Top 12? I think you could argue Nate is possibly the most openly gay contestant we've ever seen on Idol, and if you place Adam side by side with him on the show (knowing that most of the voters don't patrol the internet and may never see Adam's pics unless they appear on the mainstream media) you might think Adam is a "guyliner rocker" and thus, by default, straight. Just a theory.
-- K

joeokay said...

I don't get too caught up in many artists but Adam is different. He is the exception in a room full of exceptions. He is a megastar in the making in terms of shear talent. He comes across incredibly poised, intelligent, thoughtful, and with a quiet power that few possess. He is dreamtime handsome, intense on stage, gutsy and compelling. I will take note of him for a long time. I will buy his records no matter what. I will likely take note of him for a long time. The fact that he is gay only makes him more mysterious, more singular and more sexy... more of a revelation. Go Adam!

Glenda said...

I spotted Adam during Hollywood week--2-3 bars of "Sweet Loving Man" in group--my ears perked up. Went straight to Google. Found the Burning Man photos right away. My heart sunk. Since then I have surfed the net for reactions. I am so pleasantly surprised to see the really wide age range that just love Adam--with no illusions to his history. Also, some real nice reviews from those that get read. I so hope this continues.

In my humble opinion--Adam will do REAL well. In fact, I don't think it's too early for Adam to start shopping--think big--mansions, cars, etc. This young man is so talented. I NEVER voted before--I vote like crazy. I think that 6 million more votes than last year is because of Adam. (Hell--it might be just me.)

I'm W/F/M nearly 60--very conventional lifestyle. I'll be the first in line for his first CD. I just love this kid to pieces.