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Thursday, March 26, 2009

A pretty good night Mo(town) or Less

So this year is shaping up to be very interesting. What looked to be a Danny v. Adam sure bet is changing week to week. I still think it will be, but there are some other contenders. Danny is beginning to fade...Matt is starting to peak (I just don't know if he has it in him to win). Allison is hot every week (But I don't think she has a strong enough voting base) and Kris has an outside chance (and I picked him #12? What was I thinking?)

Last night: The obvious two - Allison and Adam. I'm gonna haveta give Allison the edge tonight. Who woulda thunk that the rocker girl would not only nailed motown but left most of the others in her dust. This 16 year old sings way beyond her years.

Adam - What can I say that hasn't already been said. The guy is a pro, in a league of his own in this competition. He is the complete package. Last night sporting a Mario Lopez look his stripped down vocal was flawless.


Matt - I have to give him his props. This guy who looked like a mediocre "will get lost in the crowd" guy has begun to rise. He's smart and listens to the judges and as a result has made a strong back to back two weeks. I don't think he has it in him to win though..but lets see if he continues to grow.

Kris - Watching and listening last night I kept thinking "Jason Castro". He sounded like him....his mannerisms were like him. Give the boy some dreads and there you have it. He's not going to win...but he could make the top 5.


Lil - I hated the hair last night. Dress was Fab. I get it...she was doing the whole motown retro thing. I have to agree with the judges here. On a night that SHOULD have been her night, Lil picked the wrong song. It was a good performance, but not great and she could have knocked this one out of the park...this could have been her moment (hey...isn't that a great name for an Idol song "This could be my moment"...maybe I'll have to enter the songwriter competition. can't be any worse than "This is my now!)

Danny - I was irritated by him last night. The guy has a good voice, but he's kinda dumb and lacks stage precense. His corny interplay with the backups was just silly. In the interlude, Smokey tells him that he shouldn't have the back-ups do the delivery line...he agrees and says that Smokey knows what he is doing and he listens to what he has to say...and then he goes out and doesn't take the advice. This is a pattern with him. He doesn't listen to the judges, he's a little cocky with their criticisms and I think this ultimately is going to hurt him. He's good...but he's not so good that he doesn't have to listen to anyone. The last two weeks have been a slide for him. He's still a favorite for the top 2 but if he keep it up, he could leave by 3 or 4.

Mo Space

Megan - The look was great. Her stylist was on tonight. The song was too big for her and rushed. Simon says she's in trouble. I don't think so. I think being the only pretty blonde female left, she's safe for a while.

Anoop - Not good Dog. It was OK vocally, but amateurish in performace and actually quite boring.

Scott - Piano man getting left in the dust by Matt. Scott's days are numbered. Even his sympathy voters are dropping off.

Sarver - What can I say. Have I mentioned that this guy shouldn't have been in the top 12, let alone the top 10? He's a big dweeb with an ego that overpowers his voice. Last night was one big cheeseball and the judges finally rightfully gave him a boot.

Rubbertoe's bottom 3: Anoop, Scott and Sarver

Who will America boot: This year is difficult and here's my analysis.
It should be Sarver, but a combination of sympathy from the severe criticism by the Judges and those pesky "Phil Stacey" voters will keep him around to antagonize us another week.
Scott - Has enough Underdog voters to continue on
So I'm going to have to say Anoop...with an outside chance of Megan.
Anoop, ultimately doesn't have the fan base and although he shouldn't go home yet, I think he's in the Dogg house.


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