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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Breaking down the wildcard statistics

So surprisingly, but not so surprisingly, the most wildcards came from Round 2.
I remember thinking it was a strong group when I saw the line-up but I thought that Round 1 overall had better performances.

From Round 1 (3): Braddy, Anoop and Tatiana
From Round 2 (4): Jasmine, Matt, Megan, Jessie
From Round 3 (1): Von Smith

Before hearing them sing I am thinking its going to come down to 5.
I'm going to rule out Jessie, Tatiana and Von Smith. I think they are the weakest of the 8.
I think Braddy and Anoop are the two strongest...the third is a toss-up between Matt, Megan and Jasmine. I'm going to rule out Matt because they aren't going to pick 3 guys. That leaves Megan and Jasmine. Close call, but I am going to give the edge to Megan based on comments from the judges that they felt that Jasmine's time is not now.

So prior to singing my predictions: Braddy, Anoop and Megan.

OK some more stats and I'm rethinking my predictions.

The 9 seated finalists: Six men (Scott, Jorge, Adam, Michael, Chris and Danny) Three women (Lil Rounds, Alexis and Allison).

There is no way AI is going to give 2 of the final 3 spots to men and have it 8 men, 4 women.

2 of the final three slots are going to go to women, making it 7-5.
That said I am going to say: Jasmine, Megan and Braddy.

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J said...

I'm gonna give an official post later . . . but you and I are almost completely on the same page about this wildcard break down thing.