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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Top 36 Round 3: The Not So Shocking Results

Thisgroup is finding out which 3 will make the TOP 12!

Paula thinks that this final group is AMAZING! Paula appears to be a teeny tiny bit loopy tonight.

And now a “how they got here” montage.
Here comes the group number . . . I’ve missed what they are singing . . . Oh yeah, it’s Katie Perry’s “Hot and Cold”. I do love this song, but wow, could this be more, er, um, Kids Incorporated. I REALLY hope Paula is not choreographing these routines. However, as y’all know, I do love a good group number.

And let’s take a look back at last night. . .

Nathaniel has no headband tonight. Jorge is overwhelmed by his chance. Felecia looks cute. Ju’not had an asthma attack. And good luck to all of you.

Here comes decision time . . .
Lil Rounds stands up and is THROUGH TO THE TOP 12!

And back to results . . . Arianna, Taylor, Alex, Kendall, and Scott stand up . . . one of them, duh, is through to the TOP 12! And we’re back . . . Arianna’s NOT in the Top 12. Taylor’s up . . . and she’s NOT in the Top 12. Alex is up, and he is NOT in the Top 12. It is now between Kendall and Scott . . . hmmmm, I wonder . . . after the vote . . . Scott is THROUGH TO THE TOP 12!
Is it just me or is the sound off on the program tonight? Just a question.

So, they’ve put through the two obvious choices . . . and now we’re down to the third position. Who will it be?

Nathaniel and Kristin are up next . . . and clearly they are OUT!

Felecia and Von are standing up . . . without Jorge . . . what does that mean? America voted and they are OUT!

We are down to Jorge and Ju’not . . . one is THROUGH and one is OUT . . . and JORGE IS THROUGH TO THE TOP 12!

And now to the WILD CARD SHOW! NEXT!

There are THREE spaces left . . . who will go through to the Wild Card Round . . . 8 will come back.

Randy’s up first . . . and he’s gonna pick . . . Von Smith! Hooray! Kara’s up next with . . . Jasmine Murray glad she’s back! Paula’s up next with someone from the first round . . . Ricky Braddy! I’m glad they picked him! Simon is up next with a favorite from the audition round . . . Megan! Yay!

So far we have: 1. Von, 2. Jasmine, 3. Ricky, and 4. Megan.
Here comes Randy with our next choice . . . HOLY SHIT! Tatianna. ARE YOU FRACKIN KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!?! ZOMG! Kara’s up next with a bluesy, soulful, Matt! I HEART MATT! Paula’s up next with a last minute change . . . JESSIE and her Bette Davis Eyes! Finally, Cowell’s gonna give the last spot to ANOOP DOGG! HOLLA!

The final list is : 1) Von, 2) Jasmine, 3) Ricky, 4) Megan, 5) Tatianna, 6) Matt, 7) Jessie, and 8) Anoop Dogg

So, we’ve got our Top 9 and our eight wild cards to fill the final three . . . tomorrow our TOP 12 will be complete.

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