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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Predicting the Predictable

Seriously, how did Idol come up with the lineups for the last three weeks?
It got easier each time to see who they (TPTB) did/didn't want to go through: you get The Boot either by Doom Spot (1st or 2nd, though people get lost in the middle as well) or by back-handed compliments (calling Alex Clay? Wha--?);
or you get the Idol Halo either by Pimp Spot (Lil Rounds is gonna "Melinda Doolittle" her way to #3 or #4 this year, wait and see) or outright pimpage from Simon (Blind contestant Scott was thusly anointed last night).
So all that remains is, who is going to get the #3 spot, and who will come back as Wild Cards.

So here are L & K's predictions for results:

America's Top 3:

Lil (except a couple places) Rounds
Scott (I can see the Top 12 clearly)
Ju'not (Ju Not going to have a top 12 without an african-american male!)

Our Top 3:


Special note for producer plant (and former Nashville Star contestant - wait, didn't they mention that?) Kristen MacNamara. When she played off her "Nikki McKibbin-esque" purple streaks as a hairdresser mistake: man, I hate it when that happens! You go in, ask for a "Carrie Underwood" interchangeable blonde 'do, and they give you faux rocker streaks! I hope she got a refund. If she makes it another round it's proof the show is rigged.

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