<i><b>THIS</b> is AMERICAN IDOL!</i>


Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Top 9: Kris & Adam provide a little Itunes love

THIS is American Idol
Here comes the shameless judge and host propping . . . And here are our Top 9!
The theme is any song that is a “popular download on itunes” . . . whatever that means. . .
The Idols visit with Seacrest at the radio station . . . Tomfoolery ensues . . .
1. Anoop – He’s doing some Usher song . . . I didn’t hear the song title . . . seriously, Anoop . . . Usher, as in Ursher got the voice that make ya booty go smack? He has the background singers doing the urban hip hop thang at the beginning . . . What is he wearing? His vocals aren’t bad . . . a little flat in places . . . I think he’s a wee out of his league with this performance. I already think he’s in trouble. Randy thinks he picked up his swagger and thought his vocals were really, really good . . . huh? Kara thinks he played it too safe with the Usher song, and that frat guys dared him to sing it. Paula likes that he went back to the playful side, but thinks his stage presence needs work. Simon thought it was a complete an utter mess. CHUCH, Simon! CHURCH!
2. Megan – Is doing Bob Marley and Lauryn Hill . . . this could be interesting . . . “Turn Your Lights Down Low” . . . Megan Joy loves this song and thinks the judges will “feel” her. I like the quirkiness of her voice, but her stage presence is terrible. She’s just kind of meh for me. Kara thinks she’s in trouble. Paula thinks she needs to take them by surprise and dig deep. Simon thinks the song was boring, indulgent, and monotonous, and thinks she’s in trouble.
3. The Gokey – He’s chosen, “What hurts the most” by Rascal Flatts . . . I loathe this song . . . it is nasal and over the top . . . he’s gonna have to work hard to sell me on this one. He’s a thousand times better than he was the last two weeks. He pulled the chorus off this time so much better than when he did Jesus Takes the Wheel . . . the night has officially STARTED. Paula would hit repeat in her car. Simon thought it was his best performance of the competition. Randy feels like tonight’s show starts right here. Kara thinks he moved everyone in the room emotionally.
4. Allison – She’s busting out the guitar with “Don’t Speak” by No Doubt. . . This could be AMAZING or SCARY . . . I’m hoping for wonderful . . . I love how she looks! WOW . . . just WOW . . . that is authentic awesomeness! Amazing! I love her! Randy loved her vocals but thought she was ahead of the beat . . . but didn’t like her look (stupid man). Kara thinks the rock in her comes out no matter what she wears, but thinks her outfit is distracting. Paula thinks her vocal prowess rivals those twice her age. Simon can’t ignore the outfit . . . and thinks she shouted the song. I respectfully disagree with the judges . . . except Paula. I think she was great.
5. Scott – “Just the way you are” by Billy Joel . . . Oh sweet lord . . . does he have to sound OLD every week . . . I hope I’m wrong . . . He looks better . . . He sounds better. . . much better vocal tonight. Kara thinks he stripped it down well. Paula is most proud of Scott of all the contestants that have graced the Idol stage. Simon thinks it was his best performance by a mile. Randy says one of the best of the night . . . there have been five . . .
6. Matt Giraud – Picked a song that was for him . . . You Found Me by The Fray . . . Allison and I got it right! The beginning is real rough . . . he’s too growly . . . and screaming a bit . . . and the falsetto . . . yikes . . . Just yikes . . . Paula loves that he went for a contemporary song, but he aborted the things they love most about him. Simon thinks he should be happy because they didn’t get it this week. He thought it was uptight and not authentic. Randy thought it wasn’t him. Kara thinks he’s a better artist than this . . .
7. Lil Rounds - She has chosen “I Surrender” by Celine Dion. This is a HUGE SONG. MASSIVE VOCALS . . . She looks good, but the first part is just meh . . . This was not painful because the vocals were bad. It was painful because it was a horrible rendition of the original. Randy thinks it was the wrong song choice. Kara was also surprised by the song choice. Paula agrees. Simon thought it was a wedding performance. They’re pimping Lil with those kids . . . cheap move, Idol . . . cheap move.
8. Adam – This week he’s going the opposite and doing Wild Cherry’s “Play that funky music” . . . This could be AMAZING or AWFUL . . . He looks good, and had continued the toned down makeup. It’s completely cheesy, but his vocals are spot on. Love him or hate him, but he takes chances and he nails it. NAILS IT. I wouldn’t have chosen this song for him, but he just NAILED IT! Even dripped in Velveeta, the boy RULES. Paula thinks he is true genius. Simon thought he was brave and original. Randy thought he worked it out. Kara can’t wait to see him every week.
9. Kris – Y’ALL KNOW THIS IS MY BOY . . . and he is singin one of my FAVORITE SONGS . . . “Ain’t No Sunshine”. . . As I said about Adam last week . . . There are no words . . .Jus t WOW! Randy thought he was in the zone, baby. Kara said THAT IS ARTISTRY! Paula dittoed the comments. Simon thought it was his best performance.
We’ve come to the end of another week . . . I’ll be back soon with rankings and predictions.

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