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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Quick Picks for the Plot Twist and the Elimination

Hey Y'all!

Here are some quick thoughts and quick picks for tonight's broadcast.

First up, I predict Kelly Clarkson will be FANFREAKINGTASTIC!

Now that my talk of Ms. Clarkson is out of the way. . . Here are my predictions . . .

My Bottom 3: Jasmine, Jorge, and Anoop
My Picks for America's Bottom 3: Jasmine, Jorge, and Allison

My Pick for the Big Twist: The judges will make the Idols sing for their supper and will pick the two departing contestants themselves.

My Pick for who will leave: Jorge and Jasmine.

I think tonight's pick is tough. Based on last night's performances, Anoop should really go home. However, this boy has got a cult following, and he ain't going anywhere for a hot minute. I don't think Allison deserves to be in the bottom 3 . . . However, she is the person in the middle of the pack who I think will find herself surprisingly in the Bottom 3.

What do y'all think?

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