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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Country Fried Idol: Suprisingly Yummy

I'm getting these in a little late. I'm reviewing them in the ranked order that I put them in for the night.

1. Kris – I didn’t catch the name of this song . . . Y’all know I love this boy . . . But I don’t think anyone can deny that he kinda knocked this one out of the park . . . nice connection with the camera, very stripped down intimate vocals . . . that was impressive.
2. Matt G. – Again, ugh, I didn’t get the title of the damn song – Now this is how you play the piano and sing on the Idol stage . . . the boy’s got some charisma and his vocals are much better tonight . . . I’m impressed, more so than I ever thought I would be.
3. Anoop Dogg – “You were always on my mind” – Wow . . . just Wow . . . His vocals were spot on, and he is so much better than last week. Very, very good. My only criticism is I think he could have stripped the song down even more than he did. That being said, he was simply wonderful.

4. Adam Lambert – Wow . . . he is getting more and more over the top each week . . . I love that he is comfortable enough to be himself . . . here we go with a middle-eastern “Ring of Fire” . . . I believe the judges are going to think this is a “self-indulgent” performance . . . I kind of dig it . . . I think he’s found a version of this song that allows him to participate in country week without straying from his comfort zone.

5. Allison – “Blame it on your heart:” - Better than Michael, but she’s losing some of the notes in her lower register. .. and seems to be a bit out of breath at times . . . however, she’s got a great voice and ended the song very well.

6. Danny - He’s singing “Jesus Take The Wheel” – Oh Danny, what are you wearing? I think Adam Lambert may be helping him pick out his clothes . . . I hate to sound repetitive in these comments, but this is a VERY AWKWARD performance. I mean, he kicked it into gear in the chorus, but the beginning parts of the song were just plain strange for me.

7. Lil Rounds – “Independence Day” – This started a little shaky for me . . . She’s on key, but it just sounds a bit awkward . . . probably just a confusing mix of her R&B self and country week. Awkward shakiness continued throughout the song, but the ending was very good. Not her best . . .
8. Megan – “I go walking after midnight” – I like this girl’s voice, but somebody needs to teach her how to perform on a stage . . . she just looks . . . to use a familiar word . . . AWKWARD . . . I have a feeling that American Idol audience is not going to get her voice, and that she will be gone soon. I, however, kind of like her quirky edge. She’s got the flu and she’s been to the hospital . . . that may save her tonight.

9. Michael Sarver – “Did He Do It” – Definitely a Josh Gracin vibe here. I like him as a person, but I don’t particularly care for him as a performer. He’ll be around for a while, but this is just ok for me.

10. Scott McIntyre - Again I didn’t quite catch the Martina McBride song he’s singing – I know this is going to be politically incorrect, but I find it a bit distracting to watch Scott. If I look away from the TV, I get a better perspective on his performance. This is a somewhat more engaging performance than last week . . . however, he needs to stay out of the falsetto range. I still didn’t think it was great.

11. Alexis Grace – “Jolene” – I do not like this rendition of this song. She played the dramatics up, but she was ALL OVER THE PLACE VOCALLY. Those pitchy falsetto notes in the middle were not good. I did not love her tonight.
I think we’ve got a competition folks. I was very impressed that there were no awful performances . . . some awkward ones, but nothing horrible.

My Bottom Three: Michael, Scott, and Alexis
America’s Bottom Three: Michael, Allison, and Alexis
Eliminated: Allison

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DrL/K said...

Hey DrJ :) Totally agree with your assessment of Kris - hope he will stay around. Awkward is such a good word for a lot of the stuff that was going on last night.