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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

First up Von Smith singing Marvin Gaye. He looks great but song starts off out of his lower range...all I keep thinking is how I would rather hear Clay Aiken do this song. It was just aiight for me...funny...Simon makes the comparison to Clay as well...and the judges loved it more than I did.
Taylor Vaifuana - from Hurricane Utah (Beautiful Red Rock Southern Utah Country)
"If I got you" - good once it got to the chorus...but the first part of the song was majorly weak. Not an Idol winning performance...decent enough but not great.
Alex Wagner Trugman - says he's a bit dorky...he is a little. Sings Elton John -Wow...I thought he would have done much better. Performance verged on painful. I think he is trying in parts to sound like Elton John.
Arianna -The winner takes it all. Runs are really really bad...and way too many. She's got a voice, which she shows on the long notes, its just too bad that she tried to "fancy it up" too much.
Ju'not Joyner - He has a nice quality to his voice, but the performance was just blaise'(is that how you spell it?).
Kristen - Karoke Host - She looks kinda freakishly pornstar tonight. "give me one rason" She did better with this Traci Chapman song than I expected...she's got a good bluesly tone to her voice and hit the high note on top of it. I don't think this performance is going to get her through...but hey she didn't embarass herself here.
Nathaniel Marshall - Facepierce Boy/Drama Queen singing Meatloaf. I have to say that his personality has grown on me. I actually enjoyed his performance, but didn't find it the vocals all that great.
What's with the Nathaniel Push? He definitely got the air time tonight.
Felicia Barton - got cut in Hollywood but took Pacitti's spot. Says she's going to prove she deserves to be here. Love her look and attitude. Some of the runs are off, but I would say vocal is the best so far this evening. I think she showed that she deserves to be here.
Scott MacIntyre - Mandolin Rain. Parts were really good...other parts were a little off. The Judges all talk as if he is already through. (I'm still waiting to see how they are going to use him in the group number tomorrow....).
Kendall Beard - "This one's for the girls" -She looks like a Country Singer. But she is no Martina McBride. Pretty girl but voice is just not there.
Jorge Nunez - "Don't let the sun go down on me". I'm not really sure what I think...when it was good it was really good....but there were times where is just seemed a little strange. Loved the emotion though...I have to vote for him just because he is so adorable.
Up last....Lil Rounds - "Be without you" - She's grogeous. Looks completely at ease. Vocals are great. I'm calling this one right now...Lil Rounds in the Top 5 for sure.

Overall the show was not a great one again....Group 1 was by far better than groups 2 and 3

Best of the night: Lil Rounds by FAR (Best performance of the 36)
Best of the rest: Felicia Barton and Jorge
Who Will Go through: Scott MacIntyre, Lil Rounds, and I'm torn between Felicia and Jorge. I'm going to say Jorge but if he doesn't make it through he's back as a wild card.

Other Wild Cards - Nathaniel and maybe Von Smith

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