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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

AI - These Judges were on Crack tonight!

Anoop does Usher - I saw Usher a couple months ago...and THAT was no Usher. I'm not even sure what it was. It sounded like the crowd was booing him...(even though they were saying ANOOP!) Simon was cameover as a "wannabe". There's 0% chance I would ever download that one.

Megan - Bob Marley?..hmmm...I'm not sure. Wow....that was really good. Sounded very contemporary...this could be a hit today. Did the judges hear the same song I did? This is definitely one of the worst calls the judges have ever made.

Gokey - Can he step it up tonight? He has hit a plateau over the last couple of weeks. He is going to tone it down tonight..Not a good idea when he really needed to step it up. I would say this was two rungs down from his plateau. Once again, the judges are on crack. They are watching a different show than I am.

Allison - No doubt. She didn't sound very good in the interlude...I'm ascared.
Her Hair is horrendous! Allison....what happened? This week was just not good.
It was like no doubt on Quayludes. No energy tonight.

Scott - Billy Joel. OK...commerical break but what I am going to say is that being a HUGE Billy Joel fan, I'm really gearing up for hating what Scott is going to do. I'm going to be open I'm being honest. It was better than the last couple of weeks, but he did not do the song justice. It reminded me of a guy at a high school talent competition. (and if I'm being really honest...his sister kinda freaks me out).

Matt - Ok...this guy has really kicked it up the last two weeks...and yet was in the bottom 3? (I think Allison and J predicted this one - The Fray). Started off really weak. But when it got to the rockin part he sounded much better. Not as good as the last couple weeks...but better than most tonight. Judges were wrong again for the most part.

Lil - She looks beautiful in the prelude. . Don't love her look on the show tonight though. Stylist got this one wrong. Trying to give here a little Whitney look. Power Ballad...good song choice...but I'm not sure she pulled it off well. It was good...but certainly not Diva Fabulous.

Adam - Play that funky music....I'm afraid its going to involve too much over the top screaming....let's see. Actually...he didn't overdo it. The only criticism I can say is he is a bit too polished and is so much better than everyone else that it actually could hurt him.

Kris - Wow....stepped it up tonight. I nominate him for Entertainer of the week....Right up there with Adam in terms of vocals.

Best of the night: Adam and Kris by a mile....followed by Megan

Worst of the night: Anoop and Scott

Rubbertoes bottom 3: Anoop, Scott and Allison

America's bottom 3: Anoop, Lil and Matt

Going home this week: Anoop.....

Surprisingly....not a good show tonight. I thought absent Adam and Kris, everyone was levels below the top 9 last year.

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