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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Top 10: J's Rankings

So, Motown turned out to be a much better night than I expected . . .

Here are my rankings . . .

1. Adam Lambert - The boy provided us with a Zack Efron laced IDOL MOMENT . . . we only get these moment every so often, and tonight was the night.


2. Allison - She delivered with Papa Was A Rolling Stone. Allison brought it tonight, and benefitted from the pimp spot.

(Small Space)

3. The Gokey - Danny headlines the group of three that were better than the rest. His vocals were spot on, and I liked seeing him have fun with the back-up singers.

Tie 4. Kris and Matt - I couldn't decide between these two guys. Matt had the better performance, but Kris had the better vocals. Both of these boys were just wonderful tonight. I still think that at least one of them will be an Idol spoiler for the Top 4.


6. Anoop - Good song choice for Anoop Dogg, but the vocals were just the tiniest bit off . . .

7. Lil Rounds - I had her ranked lower than 7th, but I moved her back up. I originally thought she was such a major disappointment because she should have had HER moment tonight, but just based on tonight's performances she was just a bit better than . . .

The bottom three

8. Michael Sarver - He did a decent job on this song . . . that btw I thought should have been sung by the Gokey.

9. Scott McIntyre - On the positive side, he did a MUCH better job this week than the first two. He had a better energy tonight. That being said, he is out of his league in this group of singers. He needs to go soon. . . .

10. Megan Joy - I hate putting her last because I like her, but she does not belong in this competition. Her Bjork inspired performances belong in a tiny little jazz club . . . not on the Idol stage.

J's bottom three: Michael, Scott, and Megan
America's bottom three: Michael, Scott, and Megan

Eliminated: Megan

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DrL/K said...

Completely agree about where Megan should be performing...just out of her league now!