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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Top Ten: Adam Lambert . . . Nothing More to Say

Tonight, the music of motown, and THIS is American Idol.

I am VERY worried about this night because I think it should be great and therefore I feel like it could be a disaster . . . D. I. aster

What are they wearing . . . Kara looks good and Simon is Simon . . . but Randy and Paula have taken a trip to the land of bizarre.

Lets do a little chitty chat with the judges . . . and introduce OUR Top 10. Let's go to Detroit, and meet the Motown Folks . . . Oh Smokey Robinson . . . step away from the botox . . . step back, baby.

Smokey Robinson is their mentor for this week . . . and we get a preview of "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" clearly the group number this week. . . . And here we go . . .

2. Kris A. - He's singin "How Sweet It Is" . . . Y'all know I HEART him . . . And Smokey HEARTED him :) I just love this boy's voice . . . so clear and clean, and I love that he brought in the guitar. Ok, I'll stop gushing. Kara loves that he did Kris. Paula thought he was great. Simon thinks he's having a good competition. Randy thinks he's hit his zone.

1. Matt G is first and he's singing "Let's Get It On" . . . this should be realllllllllllly good. I'm crossing my fingers for him. Strangely, this boy is starting to look like someone who could not just go far in this competition, but someone who could actually win. He's very, very good. I'm tickled for him. That was great. Randy loves him, dog. Kara thinks there are some girls (and boys :) that are going "Yeah". Paula thought he showed a sexy cool vibe. Simon thought it was a brilliant choice of song, and it was a cool performance.

3. Scott McIntyre - he's singing "You Can't Hurry Love" . . . I'm really not sure about this . . . Smokey thinks he brought it up to date . . . He's picked it up a bit this week . . . He's got a bit more energy . . . His vocals don't compare to Matt and Kris, but his piano skillz cannot be denied. Simply amazing. Paula thinks he brought something different by bringing the background vocalists up to the piano. Simon did not think it was a very good song choice and that it was a mess. Randy agrees with Simon and thinks he is a better singer than that. Kara thinks he brought tempo tonight, but wasn't crazy about the liberties he took with the melody.

4. Megan Joy - is singing "For Once In My Life". . . Smokey thinks she's "original" . . . Let's see how it goes . . . I think this girl has a great quirky voice, but it was very strange . . . very strange. Randy thought it was a train wreck. Kara thought it was the wrong song. Paula thinks she looks stunning, but it was not the right song for her and was confused. Simon thinks she looks good, but sang horrible. She's got some trouble comin her way . . .

5. Anoop Dogg - He's singing "Oh Baby Baby" - Anoop has chosen wisely here I think . . . the slow jam is his vibe. . . . um, maybe I was expecting too much . . . I thought it was good, but I didn't love it. Kara thought that overall it was hard to do and it was a pretty good job. Paula thinks he has a new found confidence, and that his phrasing and falsetto were sweet. Simon thought it was a great vocal, but thought he looked asleep. Randy thought it was the serious Anoop Dogg.

6. Michael Sarver is up next and he's singin "Ain't Too Proud To Beg" . . . Smokey told him to pound it a little more . . . He sounds a little mechanical through the first part of the song . . . like he's reading direction . . . 1. growl here, 2. riff here, 3. touch audience hands here. . . Paula thinks it was a tough performance. Simon couldn't wait for it to end. Randy thinks it is an unbelievable song and it was too big for him. Kara thinks it's not about singing but about artistry . . . er, um. . .

7. Lil Rounds - She's gonna sing "Heat Wave". . . I've gotta echo the words of Allison here . . . good song, but of all the songs she had to choose from . . . really? Why did she choose this song . . . I just don't get it. . . She looks great, and she sounds good, but . . . I'm not quite sure . . . she sounds slow or just a little behind the rhythm . . . I'm not sure. This is a performance she should have knocked out of the park, and she's just not. Randy liked the back end, but not the front end. Kara thinks she looks great, but stayed too true to what the song was. Paula disagrees she owned the song. Simon thinks she did an authentic tribute but thought it was the wrong song.

8. Adam - He's singing "The tracks of my tears" - Smokey was proud of him . . . There are no words . . . Kara thought it was one of the best of the night. Paula thinks he's in his own league. Simon thought it was THE BEST of the night.

9. The Gokey - He's singin "Gettin Ready" - PERFECT SONG CHOICE . . . Folks, I think we've got our finale . . . Danny v. Adam . . . . That was Brilliant! He was great! Paula thinks he is indentifiable . . . . Simon thought it was clumsy and amateurish . . . Randy thought it was dope . . . Kara loved his personality, and thought it was good . . . but not great.

10. Allison - She's singin "Papa Was A Rollin Stone" . . . Again PERFECT SONG CHOICE . . . I like this girl and would love for her to have a moment . . . I LOVE HER. That was a GREAT VOCAL! Randy thought it was dope. Kara thinks that she is from God. Paula has a mustache and thinks she is awesome. Simon thinks she is a survivor, and that she had a great performance.

I'll be back with rankings soon . . . this could be a tricky week. . . . .

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