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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Week 2 The Results: Alexis will no longer Grace us with her presence.


Let’s do a review of last night’s festivities

And here is my favorite cheestasticness of the week . . the idol group number . . .they’re singing
“Trouble”. And thank the Lord above they have placed Scott at the piano. Strangely, Adam Lambert looks quite comfortable singing the line “The men are gonna love you and the women are gonna hate you” . . . Hmmmmmm. Sorry, anyway, I would say that was one of the better group numbers of the season.

We’re back with the kids on the couch talking about the Ford Focus Video Shoot . . . Let’s sit back and watch the Ford Focus Cuteness, shall we . . . And Ryan shot something over Simon’s head soaking the woman behind him . . . er, um . . . Let’s take a look at last week behind the scenes. . . They’re showing us some candid moments of the departing contestants. They all heart each other . . . Let’s talk to the contestants about how they’re doing. Alexis on Jasmine and Michael talking about his daughter . . . I believe this family story will keep him in for a while. . . AWWWWWWWW! Let’s check in on Megan’s health status

Let’s do the results! They’re gonna pull out the bottom 3!

Danny is clearly SAFE!

Lil Rounds is also clearly SAFE!

Anoop Dogg is up next and he is SAFE!

Allison and Michael are standing up together . . . this could throw a kink in my bottom 3 . . .
Allison is IN THE BOTTOM 3 . . . Michael is also in the Bottom 3! And we’re gonna head to a commercial break so we can absorb the shock . . . I like it when they mix up the way they get single out the Bottom 3 . . .

And after Brad Paisley croons a country tune, we’re back for more results . . .

We’re back and Scott is SAFE . . . duh

Megan Joy is up next and she and her flu ridden body are SAFE . . .

Matt G is up next and he is SAFE. . .

My boy Kris is up next . . . Y’all know I heart him and he is SAFE! Hellz Yeah!

Alexis Grace and Adam Lambert are next up . . . one of them will go to the Bottom 3 . . . Randy called Alexis Allison that can’t be good for her . . . and it’s not . . . Adam is SAFE and Alexis is in the Bottom 3!

One of them is getting sent back to safety . . . Allison is sent back to safety . . . I’m very surprised by that . . . Alexis and Michael are the Bottom 2 . . . who will be going home . . .

And we’re back to visit with Carrie Underwood and Randy Travis . . . Why does she look like Minnie Mouse . . . anyway they’re gonna sing their new single . . . and sit on the loser stools . . . I tooooooooooooooooooooooooold you sooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Simon says that they would consider saving one of the contestants . . . Hmmm . . . I wonder which one it is . . . Alexis, duh

Quickly, this brings up an interesting question . . . If Alexis is the one to go, and they save her then next week they would have to eliminate two people. That would mean they would go from 11 to 9. However, they are supposed to send the Top 10 on the tour . . . Would they only send 9? Would they send all 11? What would they do? Just curious.

Here come the results . . . after the nationwide vote of over 31 million . . . Michael is SAFE! Alexis Grace has been eliminated . . . or has she . . . let’s wait for the judges to deliberate . . . No pressure, girl. You’re singing for your life. She did a better job tonight than last night . . . are they gonna save her . . . nope, they are going to let her go home. She’s not on the tour. I didn’t think she was great last night, but I didn’t think she would be booted out this early.

And we’re done for another week and have 50 years of Motown to look forward to next week . . .

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