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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Adam's Night!: L/K's review and picks

Here's our thoughts in order of how we ranked them tonight! Our weekly picks and America's picks are at the end.

Adam: Favorite of the night! And the ONLY one who had a moment on the show - wow -that was fantastic! He was totally channeling Chris Isaak and I completely HEART that! The show might as well have been over after he sang, we forgot that Gokey and Allison still had to follow him.

Matt: Great piano and interpretation of "Let's get it on"! Loved it! Smooth and soulful :)

Anoop: Beautiful! So sweet!

Kris: He is really at his best when he can play guitar and sing.

Allison: Best girl of the night - she really belted that one out. Some wacky wardrobe things going on.

Gokey: Really good performance -but thought it was really about the middle of the pack. He does get the crowd going. K was thinking it was hard for him to not look like a douche for defying the mentor's suggestion on how to sing the song. Following Adam had to be tough - looks like a spastic clown.

Lil: Looked great - but song choice issue for me. She did seem like she was screaming the song - it seemed like she said 'heatwave' about a thousand times! Her blowing the performance this week is similar to Sarver blowing his performance country week.

Scott: Song choice??? He seems to have a problem with that. The judges seemed to go out of the their way with the criticism of his performance. I wasn't sure about the pink pants.

Sarver: Ummm, just no. Poor dude. He seems to have a big heart and wants to do well. I was distracted by the flip-flops during his meeting with Smokey. K says passing the mike hand to hand during the song does not qualify as a performance.

Megan: That was just horrid! I am so over the quirky thing - it just sounded affected to me tonight. The swishy dance is getting on my nerves. Her hair/makeup artist gets props though! K and I have predicted that the forcefield of quirkiness would dissipate after a few weeks - I think we are here!

America's bottom three: Scott, Sarver, Megan.
Sarver to go home.

L/K bottom three: Scott, Sarver, Megan.
Sarver goes home.

Gotta go download Adam's song on Itunes now..... :)

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