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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

GOO (Grand Ol' Opry)

Hey ya'll! In honor of Grand Ol Opry week - since DrL/K (thanks DrJ!!!) are NOT country fans in any way, shape or form - we have some guest blogging comments from country fans A/Z - who are visiting us during their Spring Break! (We will chime in with our thoughts too!)

In order of appearance on last night's show:

Sarver: A/Z: 'Rushed the song, jumbled the words a bit, a fair job - maybe a 6 out of 10'.
DrL/K thought what appeared at first to be an okay performance started looking worse and worse as every other contestant out-sang him.

Alison: A/Z: 'What was all the growly stuff? Too 'rockish' and didn't like her outfit'
DrL/K:We just didn't care for it and we didn't know the song.

Kris: A/Z: 'This a GREAT version of the Garth Brooks song! Very good!'
DrL/K: We really thought Kris did a great job too - we didn't know this song, but it was great to listen to.

Lil: A/Z: 'Not as bad as we thought it might be - but she didn't seem to hit the highs and lows like Martina would'
DrL/K: Bad song choice for her, arrangement didn't show off her big voice - so basically forgettable. Beautiful color on her - that dress! and fabulous makeup and hair :)

Adam: A/Z: 'Most bizarre song I have ever heard on American Idol!
DrL/K: Well, we thought bizarre song choice - even though we really like Adam! It was like he was asking to be in the bottom 2 for Wednesday, but he should pull through. DrL thought he might need some cortisone cream for the 'burning'.

Scott M: A/Z: 'This is a huge Martina song - he wasn't awful, but kind of off pitch at points. Z disagreed with A and said he actually liked the song.
DrL/K: This was just another clone of last week's performance. Don't see him doing anything different for better/worse - so eventually this will just get kind of old.

Alexis: A/Z: 'That was some weird vocals! thought it was awful'
DrL/K: Like Sarver, just one of the only ones who really sounded country and ironically it kind of made the song boring and forgettable. K says compared to the other blonde on the show - she is devoid of any kind of sex appeal. DrL thinks that all the 'dirty it up' talk is getting kinda disturbing....

Danny: A/Z: 'Thought he should have sung a Vince Gill song. it was like sitting in a boat and waiting for it to pull out....finally chorus was pretty awesome!'
DrL/K: Take that jacket back to Old Navy IMMEDIATELY! He turned in another okay performance and pulled it out at the end, but that dentist coat was distracting. Don't care for the song.

Anoop: A/Z: 'Wow! Best of the entire night!! Perfect pitch, gorgeous tones!'
DrL/K: In contrast with Gokey - he defied the expectations and poor performance of last week, and turned in a performance that left the judges talking about his singing without a word about his rainbow hoodie. Loved it!

Megan Joy: A/Z: 'Weird jazzy twang - what's up with the finger jig and the swishy dance?'
DrL/K: Another odd performance that is in danger of having the same pitfall as Scott M - is she going to sing every song the exact same way, the exact same moves, every time? Agree with Rubbertoe here that she is headed quickly into one-hit wonder land! She did babe-it-up with the dress - so not going anywhere for now!

Matt G: A/Z: 'Loved it!!! Totally different arrangement - sounded really, really good!'
DrL/K: Seems like his years of playing gigs have turned him into the most natural entertainer on the show. And it comes down to song choice - which he seems to be making consistently good ones. We thought it was like being at a mini-Matt concert.

A/Z wanted to give their bottom three just for fun:
Alison, Megan Joy, Sarver. They pick Sarver to go home.

DrL/K: Our bottom three: Alexis, Sarver, Adam. We pick Sarver to go home.

America's bottom three: Alexis, Sarver, Megan Joy. Sarver will go home. Just don't think a girl will go home tonight - with the Top 10 being mostly guys.

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