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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

80's night revisited (Will Idol double dip this ENTIRE season?)

Got to say that I did not have high hopes for a second 80's night (Ok, I know they called it songs from the year of your birth, but seriously they were all born in the 80s sans little David and Aussie Mike who are very close to the 80s) but the Idol hopefuls had a pretty good showing. Here's my break down:

1. David Cook -- No one else was even close. Simon was right on with the idea that the song could go either way, but the song and performance really went well. Hope that David puts that performance on the Idol tour (Josh and I will be the pile of mushy goo on the front row.)

2. Aussie Mike -- FINALLY. I knew this boy had it in him to bring a great performance to the stage. Although I like Brooke who sang right before him, I completely forgot about her about 10 seconds into Michael's performance. Ricky Minor and the band look like they LOVED rocking out with him.

3. Carly -- solid performance. A few problems but not at all worthy of the criticism from the judges.

4. Brooke -- I just like her. I like her voice. I like her attitude. Thanks judges for the consistantly inconsistant comments like you need the band on "love is a battlefield" and you don't need a band last night.

5. Little David -- no question that he can sing circles around the rest, but does he have what it takes to be a star?? I question that because he has made such poor song choice decisions in week 12 and week 10.

6. KLC -- way to go after your base. I am sure the nashville labels will be after this girl whenever she is eliminated.

7. Syesha -- beautiful voice, but got lost behind some of the better performers like David Cook and Aussie Mike.

8. Chikeze -- great voice, but felt a little dated, I actually like his country/blues vibe better. He is missing something although I can't quite put my finger on it yet.

9. Jason Castro -- Love him, love the guitar, actually really loved the song choice for him, but he faded behind some spectacular performances.

10. Ramiele -- it is time for her to go. Even with the Judges trying to bail her out with sympathy vote.

Bottom 3: Ramiele, KLC, Chikeze*
Going home: Ramiele

I am really torn about my last slot in the bottom three. I really think that Jason Castro has an outside shot of being the bottom 3, but in the end decided that his song choice and performance would appeal to his fans.

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