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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Post Results Show thoughts

Wow! That was an interesting show last night....J gave such an awesome moment by moment recap - no need to go over all the details again :)

I will just post a few things:

I just felt bad (for us and the contestants) that they EACH had to sing themselves 'out' just for being in the bottom three. I think it didn't matter which person we all thought would go home - I am sure we didn't need to hear their entire song again - thank goodness for the mute button on the remote!

I was a bit surprised that David H. went home last night - I don't think based on performance that he was the worst of the night, so there must be other factors at play here. It really surprises me - but it shouldn't - that all the stripper press is such a big deal.

K informed me earlier today that David A. has a 'stage dad' and that may have contributed to his poor performance on Tuesday night. How sad! I hope that if it is true, Idol can get the situation under control.

A plea to the Idol stylists - please work a bit harder to help these folks look more polished and fun! What was that dress that Carly had on last night (and on performance night)? And poor Brooke with that grey dress...

And finally - did they say we have another Lennon-McCartney week next week? What's that about? If Kristy tries to country-up another Beatles tune...I think she might go home. K says that even if the spirit of John Lennon inhabited her like Swayze did Whoopi in 'Ghost' - it still wouldn't be enough to keep TPTB from throwing her under the bus next week.

Yay to all of us in our friendly competition!! 2 points across the board :)

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J said...

Loved your entry! You are so right about the fashion on the show. What is happening with the girls on the show. And, what was happening with the vest, tie, shirt combo on DHern?!